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Persuasive Speech Outline, with Examples

Persuasive Speech Outline, with Examples

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Cultivating a Healthier Lifestyle with Persuasive Speech Ideas

Our modern world supplies us with an abundance of conveniences allowing us to live a sedentary lifestyle. But, is this really a "wonderful life"? To influence others and to persuade them to move away from a sedentary lifestyle, a clear, structured, and persuasive speech is needed. Here are a few ideas for persuasive speeches, along with tips on how to craft a successful speech:

  • The Benefits of Wearing a School Uniform.
  • The Negative Impact of Social Media on Mental Health.
  • The Need for Age Restrictions on Driving.
  • Exploring the Justification of Lying.
  • The Urgency of Organ Donation.

The Preparation Process for Crafting a Successful Speech

Your preparation process is vital for the success of your persuasive speech. Begin by understanding what it is you want to achieve with your speech and form an effective structure with your thoughts. Three approaches exist that are often used to persuade an audience: ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos appeals to the audience's sense of morals or ethics, while pathos appeals to their emotions, and logos appeals to their logic. It's important to engage the audience in your speech from the beginning and make sure to cite your qualifications to enable the audience to trust you. Choose two to four arguments to discuss, and ensure that they flow into each other logically and are supported by credible, third-party research. When presenting counterarguments, stay impartial and don't be biased. Finally, your speech should end with a clear call to action. Be patient, friendly, and polite to ask questions from the audience and be sure to respond to them.

Specific Purpose: To Persuade Audience to Start Walking to Improve Their Health

The fact is, walking is a great form of physical activity that offers numerous benefits for both mental and physical health. To deliver a convincing persuasive speech, preparation is the key. Get ready to practice your speech as much as you can by recording yourself speaking and observe any nervous habits such as speaking too quickly or laughing. It's important to display confident body language; this includes standing with your legs hip width apart and your shoulders aligned, in addition to keeping your hands down at your sides. Don't read from a script; instead, recite it with clarity and certainty. Make sure to use facial expressions to increase relatability. Keep the speech concise, and pick a topic that is thought-provoking yet still acceptable to your audience. When preparing an outline for your speech, ensure that you support your argument with researched evidence and consider counterarguments to demonstrate a thorough examination of the subject matter.

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