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20 Best Job Benefits and the Companies that Offer Them

20 Best Job Benefits and the Companies that Offer Them

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The Benefits of Job Benefits

Job benefits are valuable rewards that employers offer to their employees beyond their salary. Having great job benefits can lead to higher commitment and loyalty from employees, as well as improved levels of satisfaction and retention. Examples of excellent job benefits include: paid time off, affordable health insurance, a free weekday lunch, digital coaching, mental health wellness services, gym reimbursements, and tuition reimbursement. Additionally, incentivizing employees further by matching a set percentage of their retirement funds is an excellent path for them to save more for their retirement. If this isn't possible, then offering extra retirement plan choices like a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA, can act as a supplemental option for their existing 401k accounts. Furthermore, education and career planning benefits are beneficial to any employee. Providing tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance is a way to help with educational expenses and give workers the opportunity to extend their skills and tools. Also, having a student loan repayment plan is another excellent way of bolstering employees financially and mentally.

Supporting Professional & Personal Growth

Fostering employee growth plans can help individuals envision a bright future with the company, while also spurring their morale. Paid career development during working hours is a great way to help employees learn new skills. Personal development training should also be available to enable them to reach their full potential and manage their workplace stresses.

Wellness Benefits

Job benefits can include health insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA), reduced prescription drug costs, daily wellness options, and complimentary lunch. Mental health clinical services and preventive care, such as therapy, coaching, and mentorship, help support the mental health of employees. Providing relaxation spaces for employees to take their breaks is also important, as it gives them a safe space to recuperate and refresh. Employee recognition benefits, such as employee appreciation programs and company parties, are great methods for workers to feel appreciated.

The Advantages of Providing Autonomy

Giving employees autonomy and promoting a healthy work-life balance is a great way to support them. Although, it might not be possible to grant complete control to employees, it is wise to offer alternatives, such as working in the morning, afternoon, or evening shifts, alternating between closing and opening shifts, more days off each month, leaving work early on certain Fridays, and having work-from-home options. Moreover, employers should also offer relaxation services, such as massage therapy, meditation classes, and reflexology, either on-site or off-site, to incentivize their team. Furthermore, providing aid for family planning needs is important to reduce turnover, increase engagement, and attract the best talent. This should entail adoption and surrogacy benefits, IVF benefits, family planning services, and paid parental leave.

Examples of Great Job Benefits

  • Google: free food on campus, cooking classes, gyms with free classes, celebrity talks, and massage therapists
  • Amazon: helping with adoption costs, extra time off, and the career choice program which prepays 95% of tuition costs, textbooks and related fees

Excellent job benefits are rewarding for everyone involved. When employers provide their employees with job benefits, it helps offset everyday living costs, increases employee satisfaction, prevents burnout, heightens loyalty, and boosts engagement. At Shiken, their mission is to help everyone live with clarity, purpose, and passion. They are always looking for new team members that are willing to make an impact and bring positive change.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits are two essential components of employment that are important for all employees to understand. Recognizing the distinction between them and how they go hand-in-hand is essential to thriving in the workplace. Encouraging wellness within the workplace is a critical factor in decreasing absenteeism and aiding employees in building a healthy work-life balance. Let's further investigate the broad-reaching benefits of employee wellness.

Employee Wellness 101

Stay ahead of the curve on employee wellness with tips, ideas, and ideal practices. Learn the true cost of benefits and four elements to evaluate into your HR strategy when designing an employee value proposition that stands out. Human error is unavoidable, but employee benefits liability coverage can help. Benefits are not just about meeting the minimum requirements and can go the extra mile; here's a closer look at the six kinds of employee benefits. Additionally, it is important to remember that part-time employees must be included in order to reap the rewards of a comprehensive, customized benefits program.

Examples of Excellent Employee Benefits Packages

Starbucks offers unique advantages such as free dry cleaning and Spotify subscriptions, as well as family growth reimbursements, full healthcare, tuition reimbursement, and a free pound of coffee or tea each week. Microsoft has a comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, childcare, flexible work schedules, and an array of social clubs. Campbell Soup Company takes employee benefits to the next level with 100% healthcare coverage, on-site fitness centers, free flu shots, subsidized and healthy meal options, full-time kindergarten, daycare, and after school programs for kids up to age 12, not to mention a private lactation room for nursing mothers.

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