is At the
Heart of Shiken

We're committed to earning and maintaining your trust.
That starts with giving you a transparent look into our security practices and the lengths we go to protect your information. Whether you're saving notes or creating learning content—we're committed to keep your work secure.

Keeping your data and content secure.

We don't train on your data

Your prompts and ideas fuel your success, not our AI models. We value your trust, ensuring our models are trained without utilizing your individual data.

We don't share your prompts

Your teams creativity is unique. We respect this individuality, and ensure that your prompts, and creative inputs are never shared with other customers.

We don't sell your data

Shiken AI is a subscription-based service; we don't trade in your data. We do not have, nor will we ever have, a revenue model that exploits user data.

Engage Your Learners

Enterprise security infrastructure

We have constructed an industry-standard security infrastructure, monitored and fortified by security experts. Your information's safety is our priority.

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Learning Analytics

Backed by independent
third-party attestations

Our enterprise-grade security controls are validated by numerous industry attestations, underlining our commitment to your safety and our adherence to global standards.

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