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Upskill your team with thousands of resources we’ll map for you
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Our Content Pass covers all the topics your learners need to know.
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Let our team create new content aligned to your business goals with custom learning pathways
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No need to worry about usage restrictions and quotas – create as much content and use our AI tools as your organisation needs.
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Security is core to everything we do, from how we develop the product to how we treat customer data.
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A dedicated Customer Success Manager will guide you through a personalized onboarding process and map Shiken to you.
Ethical use of AI
AI safety is a big part of our mission. We aim to amplify people’s capabilities, never to replace them.

Shiken Content Pass FAQs

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How many resources are included?

Shiken's Content Pass features 10000+ learning resources offering all of your business-essentials to quickly cover common compliance and upskilling topics. We'll also create custom content with you so we're the only learning partner you'll need.

What languages does the Content Pass support?

Content Pass comes in English by default but can be translated to any language using our auto-translation tools.

What types of content are there?

Our resources come in a variety of formats, from SCORM elearning packages, videos, infographics, audio, TikTok, courses, articles and PDF guides.

How long does it take to implement?

Onboarding can take anything between 1-2 weeks.

Based on your business-requirements, our team will work with you to map our content resources to your learning initiatives, campaigns and objectives. This usually speeds up the implementation process and saves you mapping out what to prioritise for your learners.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of learners you have who will consume the content with prces starting at £5,000/year.

Is the Content Pass available to individual users?

Content Pass is for enterprises but Shiken Premium features >1000+ resources to help indivuduals level up.

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