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Work with Lemon, your AI study coach, to deepen your understanding, be quizzed on the material, get instant explanations and more.

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Save Time When Teaching

Take your teaching to the next level with AI-guided lesson planning, question creation and insightful student feedback.

Free up your most limited resource—time.

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Learning Analytics

Pre-Built Prompts

Jump into our prompts library to quickly access the limitless power of AI, right inside Shiken.

From creating flashcards and mock exams to improving creativity with an adventure game.

Learn A New Language

Shiken Chat allows for conversations in real time in the language you are studying.

You can practise language role-plays, have your grammar checked or jump into vocab flashcards.

Grow Your Online Business

Personalized Coaching For You And Your Team

Scale 1-1 coaching across your team for a fraction of the price.

Equipping your people with the skills that your business needs most: leadership, productivity, life skills and more.

Grow Your Online Business
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