Internal Communication

Communicate Better With AI

Craft dynamic internal communication updates that engage your people and keep your team informed, aligned and motivated.

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If you're In a remote team, You Know that...

It's nearly impossible to keep everyone
updated and aligned

Online Learning

Internal communication reimagined

Keep your workforce engaged and informed using our activity feeds, and real-time announcements. Broadcast company news, events, challenges and team updates directly to personalised feeds.

Explain new features and services

Engage with company announcements

Enhance internal training and upskilling

Knowledge Assistant

Unlock the potential of your workforce by giving them ondemand 1-1 coaching.

Fast Updates

Our 1-click AI tools save time and enable regular updates and translation of content.

Boost Engagement

Give kudos, share updates and run campaigns to raise awareness of key issues.

Reduced Ramp Time
Improved NPS
Creation Time Reduction

Key Features
For Internal Communication

No matter where your teams are based, Shiken ensures you have the ability to deliver seamless critical communication, helping you foster a collaborative digital community within your organisation with campaigns, microlearning challenges, points and our knowledge assistant. See all features.


Create live and async microlearning from documents in 1-click.


Create realistic roleplay scenarios to scale scenario-based learning.

AI Writing

Save time with translation, summarization and more tools.


Our knowledge assistant provides just-in time reference and coaching.

1-Click Content Creation

Create and update content from your documents in just 1-click.


Analyze performance at scale and identify skills gaps in your team.

Your Data Is Secure

At Shiken AI, we understand the importance of reliable data security for businesses and individuals.

Our security certifications mean that you can focus on your content creation goals while we keep your sensitive information secure and protected.

Learning Analytics

How It Works

Shiken makes your life as a trainer as easy as possible

1. Sign-Up

Set up your team or company in under 5-minutes
Shiken Sign-Up For Free

2. Create And Publish Content

Turn training content into engaging assessments in minutes, choose questions from our library, create or import your own questions or have our team convert your training materials into a question set for you.
Shiken Learning Quizzes

3. Learn Together

Import learners or invite them via a magic link and segment them by groups.
Shiken Play Solo

4. Publish To Your Learners

Set assignments and deadlines, host live learning sessions and publish courses to your learners.
Set Learning Assignments

5. Track Progress

Get instant feedback, track progress, compare learners and automate marking and scoring.
Track Learning Progress

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