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Shiken FAQs

Have some more questions?
Is Shiken Free?

Shiken is free forever for learners and teachers. You can always play quiz games, create your own notes and content and set learning goals.
You can upgrade to Shiken Premium and Creator Pro or join a team plan if you need to unlock more advanced features like learner management, more advanced question types or if you want to sell courses through the Shiken Store.

Is there a free trial for advanced features?

Yes! Both Shiken premium and Creator Pro come with 14-day free trial periods where you can access more advanced features.

What question types does Shiken have?

Shiken features a huge range of question types to engage and challenge learners at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Flashcards, True/False, Single-Best Answer, Multi-Select, Extended-Matching, Ranking Order, Hot-Spot and Viva Voce/Speech question types allow learners use active recall and learn faster.

All questions allow for images and audio and our Viva Voce questions simulate conversations and allow for free text and spoken responses, ideal for soft-skills, interview, language and any type of oral communication training.

Shiken also allows you to create and watch video courses and integrate these with questions to ensure understanding.

Can Shiken Replace My LMS?

Shiken replaces outdated learning management systems. In fact we’ve replaced hundreds of traditional LMS platforms in our first 3 years of trading such as Learning Pool, Kallidus, SAP Litmos, Looop, Totara, Fuse and Cornerstone. Our Learning and Skills Platform combines all the compliance requirements of the traditional LMS with features such as personalisation, social learning, comms, skills and a consumer-grade experience. It's an all-in-one platform.  

However, we understand sometimes a platform can be very embedded into an organisation. Shiken is also capable of plugging over the top of an existing LMS, ensuring you can still give your learners that stellar, modern learning experience.

Is Shiken Mobile-Friendly?

Yes! Not only is our Platform completely responsive working on computers, tablets and mobile, but we also have a mobile app which enables learners to make the best use of the Shiken wherever they are.

Does Shiken Support Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Shiken uses OAuth as a universal login and supports learners with a seamless login experience.

What does Shiken integrate with?

Shiken connects to over 4000 apps via Zapier. Shiken also support export of data.

For enterprise accounts out team will work with you to integrate via RESTful API, Webhook and xAPI.

Do you offer discounts for Schools/NGOs?

Yes! Our school and academic pricing is separate from our Work and Creator pricing with discounts for schools.

Shiken also comes with Premium question packs for schools covering most examinations and tests to save teachers time and help students to study smarter, not harder!

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. Head over to our Help Centre.