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96% of learners surveyed report achieving higher grades with shorter learning times when using Shiken AI*.

*1284 Shiken users were surveyed in Jan 2023

"Shiken is awesome! Your site helped me ace my med school exams and I've now started to create my own questions as an examiner to share with my friends taking the exams next year.”

Dr Jack Hughes, Foundation Year Doctor

"Learning using Shiken is amazing the analytics really helped me to see what I was avoiding revising and helped me stay focused. I'm not revising for an exam at present but still use the platform to stay up to date."

Ash Lopez, 3rd Year Medical Student

"Prior to finding Shiken we were looking at creating our own question software which would have been expensive and lacked many of the great features of Shiken. Excited to see what features are released next!"

David Robertson, COO MediQuiz
Create Learning Games

transform your notes with AI

Turn your learning materials and long notes into practical summaries and simple explanations to help you understand concepts.

Shiken's Notes AI saves you time by fixing spelling & grammar, brainstorming ideas, translating into different languages, simplifying complexity and much more.

Shiken Multiplayer

Meet Shiken-Chat:
your AI Coach

Get quizzed, practice any type of conversation or role play and receive personalized coaching.

Take your learning and development to the next level with Shiken's AI Coach.

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Shiken Goals

Focus Mode:
Mindful Wellbeing

Get into a flow state and boost your productivity with Shiken Focus Mode.

Choose from our mindful biomes with ambisonic nature sounds and guided mindfulness exercises to elevate your focus and self-care while working.

Track Your Upskilling Progress

Set the topics and skills you want to focus on and then track your progress in real time.

Identify your weak areas, understand and make meaningful learning a part of everyday work.

Shiken Analytics For Schools
Shiken Motivation

Boost Motivation and Build Daily Habits

Set learning goals and a regular time to learn and receive daily nudges to help build daily habits.

Daily inspirational quotes keep you focused and motivated at work.

Premium Content

Jump into our content library of over 50,000 quiz games and courses to level up at your own pace.

Use our creation tools to create flashcards, notes, quiz questions and more for self-learning or to share with your peers.

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