Create, Engage, Analyse, Grow

Create Learning Experiences People Love

Create learning experiences your customers love

Get started in minutes selling your knowledge with Shiken’s online course builder and question builder to create learning games and challenges that engage.

Engage Your Learners

Engage your learners beyond just 2D courses

Increase engagement and drive usage, satisfaction and retention for your online courses and training using Shiken’s live and async gamified learning experiences.

Learning Analytics

Analyse Your Audience and Sales

Manage growth with our built-in CRM, collect payments with Stripe and use analytics to make informed business decisions about your products and learners.

Grow Your Online Business

Sell online courses, quizz games, bundles and memberships then upsell and cross sell with coupons. Build a following in Shiken and connect your marketing suite to grow.

Grow Your Online Business

Integrate with your favourite tools via Zapier

Connect your store with sales, marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales!

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