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Level-up your life and career with Shiken's suite of AI productivity tools. Explore everything from work skills to learning a new language.

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Share your knowledge, create more ways to make money and engage with your audience online. Shiken provides everything you need, including a course creator, landing pages, payment handling, contact management and more.

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Replace boring text, PowerPoints and PDFs with engaging microlearning, AI roleplay and AI coaching. Then share and analyse at scale.

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Reduce onboarding time and develop your team with role plays, coaching and interactive content while educating your customers with their own portal.

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Shiken AI Knowledge Assistant

Work faster, learn smarter, and ignite your creativity with expert-crafted prompts for every use case—right within Shiken or on your own website.
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Easily create content with Shiken

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Jump into the Shiken Store to add learning material that is useful for your professional development needs.

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Create and share your content

Use our AI and no-code creation studio to create content from documents, links, or from scratch. Share via a link or embed anywhere.

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Analyse performance

Get real-time insights using AI and identify meaningful skill gaps. You can also send data straight to your LMS/LXP.

96% of learners reported achieving higher grades in less time when using Shiken AI

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"We switched over to Shiken for our online courses and using the live games and challenges to offer something new to our audience."

David Robertson

COO, MediQuiz

"We got rid of ten tools we were paying for as a team including ChatGPT because of what Shiken AI can do."

Simon Boulter

CEO, Boulter-Bowen Wealth Management

"Shiken is awesome! It has everything for professional learners from live audience-response quizzes, to courses and even role-play. The AI tools save us so much time on content creation.”

Halle Peterson

L&D Professional

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Engage learners remotely with Shiken’s distance learning and assignment features, play live in class or over video, and manage your learners and their progress in Shiken’s learning management system (LMS).

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