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Fun, engaging AI-assisted microlearning platform for faster learning.
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96% of learners surveyed report achieving higher grades with shorter learning times when using Shiken AI*.

*1284 Shiken users were surveyed in Jan 2023

"Shiken is awesome! Your site helped me ace my med school exams and I've now started to create my own questions as an examiner to share with my friends taking the exams next year.”

Dr Jack Hughes, Foundation Year Doctor

"Learning using Shiken is amazing the analytics really helped me to see what I was avoiding revising and helped me stay focused. I'm not revising for an exam at present but still use the platform to stay up to date."

Ash Lopez, 3rd Year Medical Student

"Prior to finding Shiken we were looking at creating our own question software which would have been expensive and lacked many of the great features of Shiken. Excited to see what features are released next!"

David Robertson, COO MediQuiz
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Key Features

Combine AI tutoring, quizzes, mindfulness and game design to help learners retain information for longer and improve engagement.

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Game-Based Learning

Make learning fun by playing solo or with friends, live or at your own pace with players joining from any device and progress saved to the cloud. Customise your learning session and unlock study buddies then level them up and show off your avatar on leaderboards. Can you catch them all?

Replaces: Kahoot, Quizziz, Quizlet

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Shiken Mindfulness


Learning can be stressful. Research shows that mindfulness techniques improve knowledge retention and recall. Look after yourself while learning and stay relaxed with mindfulness and pomodoro breaks. Beat procrastinationand stay motivated with daily quotes and micro-nudges

Replaces: Calm, Headspace, Forest, Motivation, Daily Quote

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Shiken Goals


Stay motivated by setting your learning and mindfulness goals. Create your own goals and let Shiken track them for you. Choose a time to learn to build habits and set exam and test dates. Learners who set a goal are 75% more likely to complete what they’re learning.

Replaces: Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Excel

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Shiken Notes


Save yourself hours of work using our learning-focused note-taking tool. Create beautiful smart notes in the cloud accessible across all devices. Bookmark questions and add them to your notes to come back to questions and overlearn topics to build understanding. Save time by snapshotting your notes and slides right from your phone.

Replaces: Evernote, Apple Notes, OneNote

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Shiken Store

Your learning marketplace. Practice with expert-verified question sets, exams and courses. Choose from over 40,000 questions across a range of topics and question types personalised to your microlearning needs.

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Question Sets & Exams

Learn faster with active recall, AI and spaced repetition. Access free and premium question sets and exams on the Shiken Store then customize your learning session or try a timed test under exam conditions.

Replaces: Kahoot, Quizziz

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Shiken Flashcards


Create your own active recall question.
Choose how you play and learn by choosing from multiple-choice questions, ordering questions, flashcards, interactive image hotspots questions and more.

Replaces: Quizlet, Anki, Study Smarter

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Shiken Speech


Jump into viva questions and practice spoken word exams, conversations, soft-skills and more on mobile, desktop and through our Alexa app. Talk or type your answer and have a conversation with our study bots.

Replaces: Alexa, Trivia Quiz, Trivia Hero

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Shiken Courses


Jump into free and premium courses interleaved with quiz questions and assignments. Complete assignments and learn at your own pace across mobile and web.

Replaces: Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable

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How it Works

Sign-up for FREE and personalise your learning experience

Choose your subject and topic then set yourself goals, deadlines and a time to learn to build habit and structure your learning.
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Add quizzes, courses and exams to your library from the Shiken Store

Shiken Quizzes

Play solo or against others live or on self-paced challenges

Shiken Play Solo or Live

Review explanations, save questions and take notes to encode what you are learning

Shiken Bookmark Questions

Unlock study buddies as you learn, level them up and show off your avatar on leaderboards

Shiken Unlock Study Buddies

Track your progress and let our spaced repetition system intelligently support your learning goals

Shiken Track Your Progress

Relax in the mindfulness area with breathing exercises, guided meditation for learning and ambisonic nature sounds

Shiken Guided Meditation

Stay motivated with daily motivation quotes and nudges

Shiken Daily Quotes

Share your progress, quotes and challenge your friends to build accountability

Shiken Progress

Hit your learning goals and unlock all the study buddies

Shiken Study Buddy

Learn About Shiken For Schools

Engage students remotely with Shiken’s distance learning and assignment features, play live in class or over video, and manage your learners and their progress in Shiken’s learning management system (LMS).

Shiken For Schools
Learning Analytics

Your Data Is Secure

At Shiken AI, we understand the importance of reliable data security for businesses and individuals.

Our security certifications mean that you can focus on your content creation goals while we keep your sensitive information secure and protected.

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