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In Japanese Shiken (試験 [しけん] {noun}) means 'examination' or 'test'.
So relax. Your studying? We've got that handled.
Shiken is designed to help you learn and prepare as quickly and easily as possible.

Your Intelligent Learning Environment

Jump in and access thousands of questions covering hundreds of topics.

Learn Smarter and Faster With A.I.

Artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis track and target your learning needs.

Make Your Learning Fun Like It Should Be

The Shiken interface is fast and simple so you can start learning quickly and easily.

Your Learning Marketplace

Become a creator and create your own materials to share and sell.
Relax. Play. Learn

Personalised learning

Shiken blends A.I. technology and scientific research to analyse your performance, focus your revision and achieve exam success as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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FREE to Sign-Up

Shiken is free to join and has a large number of free resources

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Learn by doing and jump right into >10,000 questions

Choose Your Question Type

True/False, Single-Best Answer, Extended-Matching, Ranking and Viva

Track Your Progress

Our advanced progress tracker helps you keep track of your performance

Identify Your Learning Needs

Shiken quickly identifies how best you learn and optimises your revision

Choose Your Exam Date

Have an exam approaching? No problem, set your date and plan your revision
Relax. Play. Learn

Learn faster and revise smarter

Shiken has tens of thousands of questions and comprehensive explanations and features questions from teachers and experts to ensure your learning experience is the best it can be.

What Our Users Think


Shiken is awesome! Your site helped me ace my med school exams and I've now started to create my own questions as an examiner to share with my friends taking the exams next year.

Dr Jack Hughes
Foundation Year Doctor

Learning using Shiken is amazing the analytics really helped me to see what I was avoiding revising and helped me stay focused. I'm not revising for an exam at present but still use the platform to stay up to date.

Ash Lopez
3rd Year Medical Student

Personalised Learning

Prior to finding Shiken we were looking at creating our own question software which would have been expensive and lacked many of the great features of Shiken. Excited to see what features are released next!

David Robertson
COO MediQuiz

Create. Learn. Test. Sell.

Create and sell quizes & tests

Build an engaging revision or quiz resource and control your branding, student data and pricing all from one place. Ideal for schools, universities, education businesses and tutors.

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Relax. Your studying? We've got that handled.
Shiken is your personalised learning tool to help you learn faster, more easily and retain information longer.

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