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Turn text, files or links into learning content then engage your audience live or remotely with AI.
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Live Quizzes
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Live Quizzes

Use Cases

For anyone wanting to consume, create, deliver and analyse educational content at scale.

Learn Faster and Get Ahead of The 99%

Level-up your life and career with Shiken's suite of AI productivity tools. Explore everything from work skills to learning a new language.

Personal development, professional development, exam prep and more

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Fun, engaging AI-assisted microlearning platform for faster learning.

Everything You Need To Grow A Business

Share your knowledge and create more ways to make money and engage with your audience online.

Courses, landing pages, payments, contacts and more

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Fun, engaging AI-assisted microlearning platform for faster learning.

Save Time Creating Learning Content

Replace boring text, PowerPoints and PDFs with engaging microlearning, AI roleplay and AI coaching then share and analyse at scale.

Onboarding, Upskilling, Soft-Skills, Compliance & Much More

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Fun, engaging AI-assisted microlearning platform for faster learning.

Create Impactful Enablement Content

Reduce onboarding time and develop your team with role plays and interactive content while educating your customers with their own portal.

Sales role plays, coaching, team alignment, customer portals and more

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Fun, engaging AI-assisted microlearning platform for faster learning.
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Say Hi to Your Ai Knowledge Assistant

Meet the only AI solution that's custom-built for you. Work faster, learn smarter, and ignite your creativity with expert-crafted prompts for every use case—right within Shiken or on your own website.
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Save Time, Boost Engagement

Our AI content and coaching tools help you to save hours on content creation and help upskill you and your team.

Shiken Flashcards

Reduce creation time by 70%

Create your own learning content in a fraction of the time using AI. From quizzes to full courses simply upload a document, paste in some text or add a link and let Shiken AI do the rest.

Replaces: Articulate, LMSs, Kahoot

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Question Sets & Assessments

Learn faster with active recall, AI and spaced repetition. Access free and premium question sets and assessments on the Shiken Store then customize your learning session or try a timed test under exam conditions.

Replaces: Kahoot, Quizziz

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Shiken Speech

Scenario Based Learning

Build freeform conversational role-plays and challenge learners to complete them. Let our AI analyse their responses and offer 1-1 coaching.  

Replaces: Actor-led roleplays, Articulate 360, Character AI.

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Shiken Courses


Create your own course or jump into free and premium courses interleaved with quiz questions and assignments.

Replaces: Skillshare, Udemy, Teachable

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One Home For All Your Learning

Shiken AI is the all-in-one AI platform that brings learning, skills and productivity together to upskill your people faster than ever.

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Game-Based Learning

Boost engagement by playing solo or with friends, live or at your own pace with players joining from any device and progress saved to the cloud. Customise your learning session and unlock study buddies then level them up and show off your avatar on leaderboards.

Replaces: Kahoot, Quizziz, Quizlet

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Shiken Mindfulness

Boost Focus and Motivation

Learning can be stressful. Research shows that mindfulness techniques improve knowledge retention and recall. Look after yourself while learning and stay relaxed with mindfulness and pomodoro breaks.
Beat procrastination and stay motivated with daily quotes and micro-nudges

Replaces: Calm, Headspace, Forest, Motivation, Daily Quote

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Shiken Goals

Learning Paths Unlocked

Stay motivated by setting your learning and mindfulness goals. Create your own goals and let Shiken track them for you. Choose a time to learn to build habits and set exam and test dates. Learners who set a goal are 75% more likely to complete what they’re learning.

Replaces: Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Excel

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Shiken Notes

Your Collective Brain

Centralize your team's knowledge and save time creating docs, notes and articles using AI.
Save what you already know, capture new thoughts quickly and build a knowledge base.

Replaces: Evernote, Apple Notes, OneNote

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96% of learners surveyed report achieving higher assessment scores with shorter learning times when using Shiken AI*.

*1284 Shiken users were surveyed in Jan 2024

"Shiken is awesome! The platform has everything for professional learners from live audience-response quizzes to courses and even role-play.
The AI tools save us so much time on content creation.”

Halle Peterson, L&D Professional

"We got rid of ten tools we were paying for as a team including ChatGPT because of what Shiken AI can do."

Simon Boulter CEO, Boulter-Bowen Wealth Management

"We switched over to Shiken for our online courses and using the live games and challenges to offer something new to our audience."

David Robertson, COO MediQuiz
Learning Analytics

Your Data Is Secure

At Shiken AI, we understand the importance of reliable data security for businesses and individuals.

Our security certifications mean that you can focus on your content creation goals while we keep your sensitive information secure and protected.

Learn About Shiken For Schools

Engage learners remotely with Shiken’s distance learning and assignment features, play live in class or over video, and manage your learners and their progress in Shiken’s learning management system (LMS).

Shiken For Schools

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