Create Learning Games

Create Games

Creating a learning game on Shiken takes minutes not hours. You can create a quiz from scratch, use a question set or learning products from the Shiken store or use our question bank to mix and match existing questions.

Shiken Multiplayer

Host Live Games

Host a live multiplayer game in class or via a video conferencing tool to connect students remotely. Questions and answers are displayed on a shared screen and on students’ screens so there’s no worrying about whether everyone joined your video conference.

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Shiken Goals

Assign Challenges and Homework

Set homework or assignments using student-paced games. Set deadlines and send challenges to the whole class or groups of students and let them compete against each other at their own pace.

Track Your Student’s Progress

Track your students’ progress throughout Shiken, identify weaknesses and go through answers and explanations with students to support their learning remotely or in person.

Shiken Analytics For Schools
Shiken Motivation

Keep Your Students Motivated and Happy

Stress and anxiety levels are high in all students especially around exam-time.
Stress has been shown to not only impact mood but also lead to poor academic performance.
Shiken integrates mindful practice into our app and even sends students daily motivational quotes to keep them focused and engaged during revision periods.

Use AI and Our Content Library To Save Time

Teachers have too much admin and even creating quiz questions can take time.
Jump into our content library of over 50,000 quiz games and courses covering key exams and stages.
Use our AI-tools to create your own active recall questions with the press of a button.

Shiken Content Library

How It Works For Teachers and Schools

Shiken makes your life as a teacher as easy as possible

1. Sign-Up For a School Account

Our simple pricing makes it a breeze.
Shiken Create Learning Resources

2. Add You Learners And Group Them By Class Or Year

Import learners or add via email we’ll do the rest
Shiken Manage Groups

3. Pick The Perfect Quiz Or Create Your Own

Choose from thousands of free teacher-created quizzes on the Shiken Store or quickly make your own choosing from loads of different questions types or import questions.
Shiken Create Exams

4. Students Engage Live In Class Or At Their Own Pace Remotely

Play a Live Game together or use Challenge Mode to set a deadline. Students use any device and progress independently.
Shiken Pla Solo

5. Put Feedback To Work, No Grading Required

Students have fun learning, Shiken does the grading, and you see what they know now and what they need to develop.
Shiken Exams

6. Integrate Mindfulness Into Your Teaching

Reduce student stress levels and improve learning with mindful audio and breathing exercises.
Shiken Relax

7. Set Exams

Challenge students with exams under test conditions and let Shiken auto grade them and compare results.
Shiken Challenges

Shiken for Schools

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