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The best employee engagement platform and audience response software to engage remote employees and retain customers.

Shiken For Work
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Improve your company's culture

Drive usage, satisfaction and retention for professional training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding.

Increased Engagement
Learning Retention
Improved Satisfaction
Creation Time Reduction
Shiken Audience ResponseShiken Audience ResponseShiken Audience Response
Shiken Audience ResponseShiken Audience ResponseShiken For Teams
Shiken For Organizations

Level-Up Your Learning

Create Learning Experiences People Love

Drive collaboration and peer-to-peer learning

Empower your people to take charge of their own development and share their knowledge and expertise.

• Simple tools to create user-generated content 
• Encourage your people to learn from each other
• Turn your people into teachers


Online Learning

Live Quizzes And Courses

Choose between presenter-led and self-paced live learning experiences.

Engage with leaderboards, points, and powerups built to educate and entertain.

Remote-friendly, participants see content on their own devices.

Learn Anytime and Anywhere

Learn Anywhere

Assign quizzes to be completed before a deadline.

Share via Zoom, Slack, email, or your LMS. Participants join from any device.

Retakes, flashcards and other tools enable independent study.

Learning Online
Learner Analytics

Instantly Know What’s Working and What Isn’t

Instantly identify problem areas by participant, group, question, and more.

All reports are saved and can be accessed at any time.         

Share and export results.                                                                                                                  

Your Data Is Secure

At Shiken AI, we understand the importance of reliable data security for businesses and individuals.

Our security certifications mean that you can focus on your content creation goals while we keep your sensitive information secure and protected.

Learning Analytics

How It Works

Shiken makes your life as a trainer as easy as possible

1. Sign-Up

Set up your team or company in under 5-minutes
Shiken Sign-Up For Free

2. Create And Publish Content

Turn training content into engaging assessments in minutes, choose questions from our library, create or import your own questions or have our team convert your training materials into a question set for you.
Shiken Learning Quizzes

3. Learn Together

Import learners or invite them via a magic link and segment them by groups.
Shiken Play Solo

4. Publish To Your Learners

Set assignments and deadlines, host live learning sessions and publish courses to your learners.
Set Learning Assignments

5. Track Progress

Get instant feedback, track progress, compare learners and automate marking and scoring.
Track Learning Progress

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