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Eye Contact Is Important (Crucial Really) in Communication

Eye Contact Is Important (Crucial Really) in Communication

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Understanding the Significance of Eye Contact in Communication

Eye contact is an integral type of nonverbal communication that humans use to convey a mixture of emotions. But why is eye contact important in communication? Read on to find out the reasons behind its significance.

Creating a Bond with Others

Eye contact is essential when trying to form relationships. It makes a person appear more attractive to those around them and can lead to developing a rapport along with trust. Its importance in the workplace is undeniable, as it allows colleagues to respect, cooperate, and collaborate with each other.

Showcasing Honesty

When people look into each other's eyes, it is the best way to detect if someone is being honest. If you want to be taken seriously and have your words be accepted, making direct eye contact can be immensely beneficial.

Increasing Resistance to Persuasion

Whenever we look another person in the eye, our self-awareness increases. We become more conscious of our behavior and observe the other person's body language more closely. This makes us more resistant to powerful external influences.

Improving Comprehension Between People

Eye contact has been proven to help us better comprehend each other. It keeps people engaged in the conversation and makes it easier for them to remember what has been said.

Boosting Respect

Establishing eye contact with a person can help you earn their respect. When someone looks into your eyes, they can sense your self-confidence and understand that you are genuinely interested in the conversation.

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Eye Contact

  • Eye contact helps people remember what you said.
  • Eye contact can make you more self-aware.
  • Eye contact makes you more resistant to persuasion.

Tips For Making Effective Eye Contact

  • Make eye contact before you start talking.
  • Maintain your eye contact for 4-5 seconds.
  • Make use of hand gestures.
  • Move your eyes smoothly.

Eye Contact in the Workplace - The Key to Forming Relationships?

The importance of eye contact isn't limited to conversations, it is necessary in the professional world as well. Along with helping to create relationships and earn respect, it can also help to maintain focus and engagement. If making eye contact is a challenge for you, take the help of Shiken's coaching platform to become a better communicator.

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