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10 Key Organizational Skills and Ways to Improve Them

10 Key Organizational Skills and Ways to Improve Them

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Developing Your Organizational Skills

Organizational skills are an invaluable asset in the workplace, allowing you to effectively manage expectations, stay on top of tasks, and deliver results in a timely manner. Not only can they save company time (and money), but they can also increase your value as an employee and improve mental fitness. By harnessing the power of organizational skills, you can effectively focus your time, effort, and resources on the tasks that are most important.

Organize to Win

At Shiken, we use our growth mindset and problem-solving skills to stay organized. This high-impact behavior, called Organize to Win, helps us reach our goals more effectively, do less to achieve more, and keep all stakeholders on track. Through these organizational skills, we are able to work more productively, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Strengthening Your Mental Fitness

Organization is a key component of mental fitness. Those who are able to stay organized are viewed as reliable and in control, often building trust with those around them. Internal organization skills consist of creative and strategic thinking, while external skills involve prioritization, documentations, workflow management, and teamwork.

Organizational Skills for Career Growth

If you want to be successful in your career, it is important to have strong organizational skills. This means physically organizing files on your computer, desk, and office, as well as developing goal-setting, prioritization, decision-making, strategic thinking, collaboration, communication, time management, and self-motivation skills. With organized skills, you will be able to work better and faster, and remain competitive in the workplace.

Organization Requires Practice

Organizational skills are a lifelong practice and, as such, require regular development. It is important to stay on top of your organizational practices, as you may be highly organized in one week and less so the next.

Shiken for Professional Growth

Shiken offers innovative research featured in peer-reviewed journals, press, and more. Their mission is to help individuals live with clarity, purpose, and passion by providing best practices, research, and tools to fuel business growth. Shiken is dedicated to helping organizations build a high-performing workplace to achieve impactful change.

Unlock Business Impact with Shiken

Organizations that use Shiken can drive performance and engagement throughout their entire enterprise. With improved organizational skills, teams can promote a high-performing workplace and achieve their goals with ease. If you're looking to unlock business impact and create meaningful change, then Shiken is the perfect place to start.

Project Management and Organizational Skills

Reinforcing organizational skills in the workplace can be done in several ways. For example, you can:

  • Volunteer to project manage
  • Maintain a neat workspace
  • Stay up-to-date with your calendar
  • Format your resume to make it clean and easy to read
  • Include organizational skills that match the job description
  • Showcase your organizational skills in the summary and experience sections
  • Use action verbs to describe your abilities
  • Use bullet points to make your experience section structured and organized

For instance, a writer might use a clean resume layout and describe themselves as a "self-motivated and organized writer with a knack for researching and synthesizing complex topics." Furthermore, they could use action verbs such as "developed" or "coordinated" to explain how they utilized their organizational skills in the experience section.

Highlighting Organizational Skills in an Interview

Organizational skills may be asked about in the interview. To stand out, emphasize how you used your organizational skills in both your professional and personal life. For instance, in your previous job, explain your strategy for success within a team � from assigning tasks and setting goals to how you delegated and achieved your results. Additionally, you can talk about how you planned any personal projects or events, such as a family vacation or home renovation.

If They Don't Ask...

If your interviewer doesn't mention organizational skills, you can still bring it up yourself. Ask about the projects and initiatives you would be involved in and explain how you would go about tackling them, using active verbs and keywords to emphasize your abilities. By exemplifying your organizational skills, you can show the interviewer that you are a great asset to their team.

Improving Your Organizational Skills

Organizational skills can be improved with some practice and patience. Follow some simple tips such as keeping a tidy physical and digital workspace, documenting instructions, grouping documents for easy access, keeping a personal calendar, and prioritizing tasks. It is also important to evaluate your work procedures to know what skills need to be improved.

If you're finding it difficult to build your organizational skills, consider working with a coach. Shiken offers personalized plans that provide an opportunity to reach your full potential.

Skills Every Project Manager Should Have

For a successful project manager, it's important to have a diverse set of hard and soft skills. To help you stand out among other applicants, stay organized, limit stress, and use the best job search tips. Doing this will help you find the perfect job that allows you to showcase your organizational skills.

The Role of Ethical Leadership in Achieving Organizational Success

Having the right leadership skills in place is essential for any organization to reach its fullest potential. Systems thinking, for instance, involves being mindful of the 'big picture' when making decisions. Utilising the following four strategies can help put any organization ahead of its competition. Lastly, having a leader, team, and organization that can adjust quickly to changes and expectations in the market is paramount for success.

Developing Professional Skills for Sales Leadership

Sales are often the bedrocks of any business, making sales leadership training and development an invaluable tool. Taking the right approach to sales training and development can be a difficult task. The following guide will help you confidently put the right training methods in place.

Becoming an effective leader does not simply involve reading. Sustainable development and long-term success relies on having the tools and resources to build the right skills. Professional development encompasses areas such as organization, productivity, problem-solving, time management, collaboration, communication, and goal-setting. It is important, then, to work with a quality organization that can provide the resources and training needed to reach one's potential.

Shiken, for example, is an organization that provides a full range of professional development programs. From online modules and self-evaluation quizzes, to one-on-one coaching and workshops, their programs are tailored to the individual or organization. With an emphasis on developing leadership skills, their goal is to equip people with the data and information they need to effectively lead in their field. Shiken places its emphasis on the 'Four Cs': communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. This helps to build problem-solving abilities and confidence, as well as provide valuable insights into the ever-changing world of professional development.

Shiken also provides a range of resources to help you further your development. This includes a library of podcasts and webinars, as well as a mentorship program for those committed to taking their knowledge and skills to the next level.

Using a holistic approach to professional development, Shiken provides individuals and organizations with the tools needed to reach their fullest potential. With their comprehensive services and personalised approach to learning, they help to equip people with the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful and effective leaders in their chosen field.

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