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Narrative Perspective

Narrative Perspective

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Understanding the Significance of Narrative Perspective in Literature

Narrative perspective, also referred to as point of view, acts as a filter through which a story's events are portrayed to the audience. It is a fundamental aspect of storytelling, enabling the author to convey the character's viewpoint and beliefs. The way a story is told has a significant impact on its plot and themes.

When it comes to literature, narrative point of view plays a crucial role in comprehending who is narrating the story and their perception of it.

Defining Narrative Perspective

Narrative perspective can be categorized into different types, each varying in the level of the narrator's involvement in the story. The chart below illustrates the changes in narrative perspective depending on the narrator's degree of participation in the events.

  • First-person narrative
  • Third-person narrative
  • Second-person narrative

The Different Types of Narrative Perspective Explained

First-person Narrative

In a first-person narrative, the story is told from the perspective of the narrator using first-person pronouns like "I" and "we." This creates a more intimate connection between the narrator and the reader, allowing for a deeper understanding of the narrator's thoughts and emotions. However, the first-person narrator is limited to their own memories and perceptions of events, making this perspective subjective.

For example, in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, the titular character narrates her experiences and reflections on her early life. The use of first-person pronouns emphasizes Jane's loneliness and her lack of a stable home, creating a sense of confession to the reader.

Moreover, first-person narratives offer alternative perspectives and provide a personal witness to events.


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