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Gary Ives Bradford Study

Gary Ives Bradford Study

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Social Influences on Language Use: Gary Ives' Study on the Relationship between Language and Ethnicity

Language is a complex phenomenon shaped by various social factors, including age, gender, class, ethnicity, occupation, and region. Linguists have conducted studies to examine how these factors influence language use and the differences that arise from them.

One such study was carried out by renowned sociolinguist Gary Ives in 2014 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, focusing on the connection between language and ethnicity. This article will provide an overview of Ives' study, covering its objectives, participants, findings, as well as code-switching, accent and dialect use, language and age, and any criticism surrounding the study.

A Look into Gary Ives' 2014 Study

Gary Ives is known for his research on the relationship between language and power, as well as his work on code-switching. Code-switching is the intentional use of two or more languages, dialects, or registers within a single conversation. In 2014, Ives conducted two studies, one in Bradford and another in London, aiming to explore the connection between language and ethnicity in teenagers, with a specific focus on code-switching. This article will specifically discuss the findings from the Bradford study.


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