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MultisyllabicCompound Rhyme

MultisyllabicCompound Rhyme

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Discovering the World of Multisyllabic Rhymes

Multisyllabic rhyme refers to words that have more than one syllable and share identical endings. For instance, the words 'fluttering' and 'spluttering' both end in -uttering and have three syllables each (flutt-er-ing & splutt-er-ing). This technique adds depth and complexity to poetry and music.

Different Types of Multisyllabic Rhymes

Multisyllabic rhyme can occur between two or more words with multiple syllables or between multiple single-syllable words. For example, 'no way' and 'snow day' both have one syllable but rhyme with each other. This kind of rhyme is also known as compound or polysyllabic rhyme.

It's essential to understand the difference between multisyllabic rhyme, monosyllabic rhyme, and syllabic rhyme. Syllabic rhyme involves the last syllable of words rhyming, even if they don't have the same stressed vowels. An example of syllabic rhyme is 'pitter' and 'patter'. Monosyllabic rhyme involves single-syllable words rhyming, such as 'hit' and 'sit'.

Multisyllabic Rhymes in Poetry

Poets have been using multisyllabic rhyme technique for centuries, including Victorian-era poet Gerard Manley Hopkins. One of his famous poems, 'The Windhover' (1877), showcases this technique with words like 'minion' and 'dauphin', 'riding' and 'gliding', and 'ecstasy' and 'mastery' rhyming with each other.

Hopkins also experimented with less common forms of multisyllabic rhyme. In 'The Burglar's First Communion' (1918), he rhymes multiple monosyllabic words, such as 'boon' and 'on', with the single multisyllabic word 'communion'. He also rhymes two multisyllabic words ending in -owing, 'channeled' and 'rankle', in another stanza.

Multisyllabic Rhymes in Music

Rap and hip-hop music heavily rely on multisyllabic rhymes as they prioritize the sonic aspect of poetry. Renowned rapper Eminem is known for his skillful use of compound rhymes, where he combines different single words to create a multisyllabic rhyme. In his song 'Lose Yourself', he rhymes 'palms are sweaty' with 'arms are heavy', 'mom's spaghetti', 'calm and ready', and 'on forgetting'.

Another rapper, MF Doom, also uses multisyllabic rhymes in his lyrics. In his song 'Rap Ambush', he rhymes 'perpetrated' and 'demonstrated' with 'perforated' and 'quad flavors'.

Multisyllabic Rhymes for Rap Music

Writing multisyllabic rhymes requires a lot of skill and practice, especially in rap music, where slant rhyme is commonly used. The rapper's cadence plays a crucial role in determining if two phrases with multiple syllables will sound like they rhyme.

The Key Points of Multisyllabic Rhyme

  • Multisyllabic rhyme involves words with more than one syllable.
  • It is the rhyming of two or more syllables in a word.
  • Multisyllabic rhyme can occur between words with multiple syllables or between monosyllabic words.
  • Other terms for multisyllabic rhyme include compound rhyme or polysyllabic rhyme.
  • Rap music heavily relies on multisyllabic rhyme to enhance the auditory experience.

What is Multisyllabic Rhyme and How to Use it?

Multisyllabic rhyme is the rhyming of two or more syllables in a word. In rap music, skillfully using multisyllabic rhyme adds depth and intricacy to the lyrics.

Tips for Writing Multisyllabic Rhymes

You can create your own multisyllabic rhymes by finding words with the same number of syllables and similar vowel or consonant sounds. For instance, 'fluttering' and 'spluttering' have the same vowel sounds in the first and second syllables and share the same ending consonants.

Examples of Multisyllabic Rhymes

Some examples of multisyllabic rhymes are 'pitter and patter', 'gratitude and latitude', 'coco and loco', and 'cheesy and wheezy'.

Multisyllabic Rhyme Scheme

Multisyllabic rhymes can be used in various rhyme schemes, such as AA BB CC, ABAB CDCD, or AAAA AAAA.

Multisyllabic Rhymes in Eminem's Music

Eminem is known for using both end and internal rhymes in his rap songs. His use of multisyllabic rhymes adds depth and complexity to his lyrics.

The Use of Multisyllabic Rhymes and Compound Rhymes in Lyrics

A notable technique used by many lyricists is the incorporation of multisyllabic rhymes in their songs. This involves using words with multiple syllables in the same rhyme, adding a layer of complexity and creativity to the lyrics.

In addition, some artists take this technique a step further by creating compound rhymes across different lines. This means that the rhyming words not only have multiple syllables, but they also span across two or more lines in the song. This type of rhyme scheme, often seen as AAAA BBBB CCCC, requires a high level of skill and precision to execute effectively.

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