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Understanding the Function of Exclamative Sentences in English

The English language has four main sentence functions: Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamative. These functions describe the purpose of the sentence, while sentence structures refer to how the sentence is formed.

Exclamative sentences, as the name suggests, are used to make exclamations and express strong emotions or reactions. They are commonly used in everyday speech, but can also be found in literature.

In order for a sentence to be considered exclamative, it must contain the words "What" or "How". These words can come at the beginning or within the sentence, but must be present for it to be considered an exclamative.

Exclamative sentences can take different forms, from interjections to complete sentences. However, they are only considered exclamative if they contain the words "What" or "How". These sentences are often marked with an exclamation mark, but this is not necessary.

Let's look at some examples of exclamative sentences:

  • "Oh my, what big eyes you have, grandma!"
  • "How I love you, my dear!"
  • "What a mess you've made, little one!"
  • "What a wonderful world we live in!"
  • "God, how foolish these mortals can be!"
  • "Oh how she wished he didn't have to leave."

Exclamative sentences can also start with a subject, such as "Oh Lord" or "God", to emphasize the exclamation. It is common for exclamative sentences to be shortened by removing the verb, such as "What an amazing place!"

Exclamations are not limited to just sentences, they can also stand alone as a sound or word, such as "Wow!" or "Awesome!". However, in formal writing, it is best to refrain from using exclamation marks excessively.

In conclusion, exclamative sentences are a important part of the English language and are used to express strong emotions, opinions, and reactions. They are marked with the words "What" or "How", and are commonly found in everyday speech and literature.

Key Takeaways

  • Exclamative sentences contain the words "What" or "How".
  • They are used to express strong emotions, opinions, and reactions.
  • Exclamative sentences can end with an exclamation mark, but it is not necessary.
  • They can be shortened and may not include a verb.
  • Interjections are often used at the beginning of exclamative sentences for emphasis.

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