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Understanding Instagram Shadowbans and How to Avoid Them

Instagram shadowbans are a type of content restriction that happens without the user's knowledge. This occurs when the platform hides or limits the visibility of a user's content, preventing it from being seen on feeds, Explore pages, or hashtag searches by users who do not follow them. It is often a consequence of violating Instagram's community guidelines or posting inappropriate content.

The purpose of shadowbanning is for Instagram to filter out accounts that do not comply with their terms of use. Some users resort to inauthentic methods to gain followers, such as purchasing followers or using unrelated hashtags. However, shadowbanning can also be a deliberate tactic to hide certain users' content from the wider Instagram audience. If you suspect that you have been shadowbanned, it is important to take the necessary steps to regain visibility. Let's discuss how to identify a shadowban and our tips for avoiding it.

How to Determine if You Have Been Shadowbanned

To check if your account has been shadowbanned, you can use the Account Status feature. Simply go to your profile on the app, click on the Menu, then select Settings, followed by Account, and finally, Account Status. This feature will show you if any of your content has violated Instagram's guidelines and provide suggestions on how to fix it.

If you do not have a professional account, you can conduct a simple test to see if you have been shadowbanned. Post an image with a hashtag that is not frequently used and ask five people who do not follow you to search for that hashtag. If none of them can see your post in the results, it is likely that you have been shadowbanned. However, if a couple of people can still see your post, it could be a decline in engagement rather than a shadowban. In that case, you can take steps to improve your reach and engagement, such as implementing the tactics outlined in our article, "Instagram Marketing- The Ultimate Guide."

Reasons for Being Shadowbanned

There are several possible reasons why your account may have been shadowbanned. To prevent it from happening again, let's explore some actions that may have led to the shadowban:

  • Using bots or automated "Instagram growth" tools- Instagram discourages this practice and emphasizes the importance of connecting with your audience authentically. Using bots is considered a spammy tactic and can result in a shadowban.
  • Using broken hashtags- Instagram can remove or limit the use of a popular hashtag if it becomes inundated with inappropriate content. If you use a broken hashtag, it can affect the ranking of your other hashtags and potentially lead to a shadowban.
  • Receiving multiple reports from other users- If your account is reported multiple times, Instagram may assume that you are violating their terms of service and either disable or shadowban your account.
  • Engaging in too many actions within a short period- Instagram has limitations on how often you can follow, like, comment, or post in a given time frame. These actions may seem like a quick way to gain followers, but they ultimately do not help you connect with your target audience and can result in a shadowban.

To avoid being shadowbanned, the best approach is to post genuine and helpful content and follow best practices for growing your audience. While it may take longer, it is a more sustainable method that will not result in a shadowban.

Maximizing the Benefits of Instagram for Your Business

Businesses are increasingly utilizing Instagram as part of their social media strategy. With the right marketing software, you can increase revenue, save time and resources, and effectively measure and optimize your investments all on one user-friendly platform. Take the time to harness the power of Instagram for your business this year and see the results for yourself.

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