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24 Free PDF Readers for All Your Document Needs

Say goodbye to expensive PDF readers, as we have compiled a list of the top 20 free PDF readers that go beyond just viewing. These readers offer a range of features, from creating and editing to securing your documents.

The 11 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and Mac

In search of the perfect PDF reader for your Windows or Mac computer? Look no further, as we have curated the top picks for you:

1. Foxit Reader

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Considered the Google Docs of PDF readers, Foxit Reader not only allows you to view PDFs, but also offers cloud storage for creating, sharing, and securing your documents. With this versatile reader, you can easily create PDFs from scans, convert Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, and combine multiple PDFs into one. Collaboration is also made easy with the ability to manage document access, track activity, and notify readers of updates.

Why we love it: Foxit Reader offers various security options, such as passwords, digital signatures, and encryption, making it a reliable choice for regular PDF creators who need to collaborate on documents.

Key features:

  • View and print PDFs
  • Access from anywhere with cloud storage
  • Easily collaborate and share documents
  • Protect, fill, and sign PDFs

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a free PDF reader that offers connectivity to the Adobe Document Cloud and other popular cloud storage systems like Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. It allows you to open, view, share, and comment on PDFs from any device, anywhere. The standout feature of this reader is its text-to-speech function, which makes it easy to navigate through complex documents. This makes it ideal for busy professionals who need to annotate PDFs on-the-go or during their commute.

Key features:

  • View and print PDFs
  • Easily share and comment on PDFs

3. Javelin PDF Reader

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Simplicity and speed are the defining features of Javelin PDF Reader. This lightweight reader allows you to launch, print, and annotate standard and encrypted PDFs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to bookmark and highlight important sections of your documents.

Why we like it: Javelin PDF Reader may not offer as many features as other readers, but it is perfect for quickly reading and annotating PDFs.

Key features:

  • View and read PDFs
  • Navigate PDFs and hyperlinks
  • Bookmark, highlight, and annotate PDFs

4. Google Drive

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Google Drive is a popular solution for PDF storage and conversion. With this free tool, you can easily convert any document, presentation, or spreadsheet to PDF format and access them on the cloud. While it may not have extensive features, it is a reliable option for viewing and converting files to PDF format.

Why we like it: Google Drive offers seamless document sharing and collaboration with its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Key features:

  • View PDFs directly in your browser
  • Control access through sharing
  • Comment and collaborate on documents

5. Your Web Browser

Don't want to download a separate PDF reader? Most web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, come with integrated PDF readers. Simply click on a PDF link to view it, or drag and drop PDF files into an open tab. Additional features include rotating, downloading, printing, and adjusting text size.

Why we like it: Web browser readers offer convenience and ease in opening, reading, and adjusting PDFs. If you don't need to convert files into PDFs, you don't need to download a separate reader.

6. Canva

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Known for its graphic design and video editing capabilities, Canva also offers a free account that allows you to view and make changes to PDFs. With this all-in-one solution, you can easily edit text and graphics, making it a go-to tool for all your document needs.

Why we love it: Canva's popularity for its graphic design features makes it a convenient choice for viewing and updating PDFs.

The Best 8 Free PDF Readers Available

In today's work environment, PDFs have become an essential tool for daily tasks, from reading articles to storing and sharing important documents. As the demand for efficient PDF readers increases, there are many options to choose from. To help you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top free PDF readers available.

1. Kindle

Did you know that the popular e-reader app, Kindle, is also a great PDF reader? With its simple interface and convenience, it's an excellent option for reading and storing PDFs on the go. Simply download the app and email your PDFs to your Kindle address, making it accessible on any device without internet access.

2. DocFly

Highly recommended for its user-friendly interface, DocFly is an excellent free online PDF viewer and editor. With no downloads required, it's perfect for quickly viewing, editing, and converting PDFs to other file formats. While the free version has a limit of three monthly files, it's a great solution for on-the-go fixes.

3. PDFescape and Sejda

For browser-based options, consider PDFescape and Sejda. PDFescape offers basic editing features and form filling, while Sejda has a free online PDF editor and a low-cost desktop version for Mac users.

4. Ashampoo PDF Free

Windows users can opt for Ashampoo PDF Free, offering a range of features such as PDF creation, merging, editing, signing, and form filling. It's lightweight and user-friendly, making it a popular choice.

5. MuPDF

MuPDF is a lightweight PDF reader with added features like annotation and form-filling. Its compact design and small size make it an ideal choice for quick and easy PDF viewing.

6. SumatraPDF

For a simple yet effective PDF reader, SumatraPDF is a top choice. While it may lack advanced features, its multiple viewing modes and user-friendly interface make it a popular option for basic PDF reading.

7. Slim PDF

Despite its small size, Slim PDF offers powerful features such as printing, searching and zooming PDF files. With minimal file size, it's a great option for those with limited storage space.

8. Highlights PDF Reader

For advanced note-taking capabilities, Highlights is the go-to PDF reader. Along with reading and viewing PDFs, it also enables highlighting, image capturing, and commenting. Say goodbye to using separate note-taking software and streamline your work with Highlights.

With these top free PDF readers, managing, editing, and viewing your PDF files has never been easier. Give them a try and find the perfect one for your needs!

The 5 Best Tools for Managing and Creating PDFs

PDFs have become a staple in the professional world, making it essential to have a reliable PDF reader and editor. With the following tools, you can easily manage and collaborate on PDFs, making your work more efficient and organized.

1. Wondershare: Perfect for Occasional Projects

While not completely free, Wondershare offers a free trial for those who only need a PDF editor for one-off projects. Its core features include editing, converting, and comparing PDFs, as well as annotating, signing, and scanning documents. It's a great option for both business professionals and individuals.

2. Free Ebook Templates for Easy Creation

If you're looking to create an ebook, why start from scratch when you can use free template designs? With a variety of options available for InDesign, PowerPoint, and Slides, you can easily create professional and eye-catching ebooks.

3. Canva: User-Friendly PDF Reader and Editor

In addition to providing templates for ebook creation, Canva also offers a user-friendly PDF reader and editor. With its customizable features, you can make your PDFs stand out and easily collaborate on them.

4. Kindle: Reliable for Reading PDFs

For those who prefer reading on a Kindle, this device also supports PDF files. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, you can comfortably manage and read your ebooks on any Kindle device.

5. DocFly: Convenient Online PDF Viewer and Editor

No need to download any software, DocFly offers a free online PDF viewer and editor. With its user-friendly design and cloud-based access, you can easily view, edit, and collaborate on PDFs from any device with an internet connection.

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