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Alternatives to Saying "Thank You For Your Consideration" in Sales

Sales can be a tough industry, and hearing the words "Thank you for your consideration" may feel like defeat. It could mean that a competitor has won the business and it's time for you to move on. But instead of giving up or asking what went wrong, consider trying these alternative follow-ups and the opportunities they present.

After all, you didn't choose a career in sales because you give up easily. These seven ways to express gratitude for a prospect's consideration can help you identify your next move and potentially lead to future sales.

The Meaning Behind "Thank You For Your Consideration"

When you thank a prospect for their consideration, you're acknowledging their interest in your product or service. This is especially helpful when a prospect seems likely to choose a competitor over your offer. By thanking them, you can gain insight into their decision and determine your next steps. Here are some alternatives to the phrase "thank you for your consideration" that you can use with your prospects.

  • 1. "Thank You For Your Time." Regardless of whether a prospect chooses to do business with you, they likely invested a significant amount of time considering your offer. By acknowledging and thanking them for this, you can build a positive relationship that may lead to future opportunities.
  • 2. "Have You Finalized Your Decision?" Don't assume that a prospect has officially chosen another vendor just because they told you so. Inquire about their current decision and determine if there is still a chance to win them over.
  • 3. "What Did You Like About the Competitor's Product?" Instead of asking the prospect how you can improve, ask for their honest feedback on why they chose the competitor's product.
  • 4. "Can I Follow Up in the Future?" Consider asking to follow up in a few months, showing that you respect their decision and value their time. You may have another opportunity to work with them or gain a referral.

For feedback on your sales pitch, turn to current clients. They are invested in your success and are more likely to give honest feedback on what you could have done differently or better.

Don't Waste Time Chasing Dead Deals

Remember that your time and energy are valuable. Instead of trying to revive a dead deal, focus on pursuing new business. Just like with an ex-lover who has moved on, it's better to accept the outcome and move forward. Apply this tenacity to your sales approach and you may find even greater success in the future.

7 Alternatives to "Thank You for Your Consideration" in Sales

During the initial conversation with a potential client, it's important to maintain a positive and professional attitude. Instead of simply saying "thank you for your consideration," consider adding a personal touch to the conversation. This not only shows your genuine interest in their business, but also leaves the door open for future opportunities.

  • "Would it be alright for me to touch base in 12 weeks?" By asking for permission to follow up, you respect the client's time and show that you value their feedback.
  • "If it didn't go well, I'd love another chance to win your business." This statement shows that you are committed to providing quality service and willing to prove it in the future.

If the deal does not move forward, it's important to gracefully accept the outcome and leave a positive impression.

How to Leave a Positive Impression and Keep the Door Open for Future Business

As a professional, it's important to maintain a positive relationship with potential clients even if a deal doesn't work out. By thanking them for their time and expressing your availability for any future inquiries, you leave the door open for potential partnerships.

Even if your initial interaction doesn't result in a partnership, there's always a possibility for new opportunities in the future. By demonstrating your trustworthiness and genuine interest in their business, you increase the likelihood of future collaborations.

  • Let your prospect know you're interested in potential future collaborations. Don't hesitate to express your interest in working with them in the future. This not only shows confidence, but it may also prompt them to reconsider your company for future deals.
  • Offer alternative options if the initial deal isn't the best fit. If the initial deal isn't a perfect match, suggest other products or services that may better suit their needs. This shows your willingness to work with the client and find a suitable solution for their business.

Hello [Prospect Name],

I appreciate you letting me know your decision. I remember you mentioning your interest in other software solutions, and we have robust options in that area. Would you like to learn more? I hope you'll consider us for your business in the future.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

It can be discouraging to lose a deal to another vendor, but it's crucial to move on and focus on new opportunities. Rather than dwelling on a lost deal, make new outreach calls and continue reaching out to potential clients. By using alternative phrases instead of simply saying "thank you for your consideration," you can make a positive impression and keep the door open for future business. Remember, there's always a new opportunity waiting around the corner.

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