Canva' Secret To A Winning Pitch

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The Powerful Storytelling Technique Behind Melanie Perkins' Success

In the world of graphic design, large corporations seemed to dominate the industry. One of these giants is Canva, founded by Melanie Perkins, with a staggering valuation of $26 billion - making it the world's most valuable female-founded startup.

But Melanie's journey to success didn't start until she discovered a tried-and-tested storytelling formula - the three-act structure. This technique, used for centuries, has proven to be effective in captivating and engaging audiences.

Act 1 - Setting the Scene

The first act of the three-act structure is all about establishing the story's setting and introducing the characters. For Melanie, this meant highlighting the frustration people had with complex software.

She identified the universal pain point of feeling overwhelmed by software, particularly in graphic design, and used it as the foundation of her story. This immediately captured the audience's attention and resonated with their own experiences.

Act 2 - Facing Challenges

In the second act, the hero (Melanie) faces obstacles and must overcome them to achieve their goal. For Melanie, this was creating a solution for the complexity of graphic design software.

Despite numerous setbacks, she remained determined and persevered. This part of her story not only made her relatable but also showcased her resilience and drive - qualities that investors and audiences value highly.

Act 3 - Transformation

In the final act, the hero (Melanie) achieves their dream and makes a positive impact on the world. For Melanie, this was the creation of Canva, a user-friendly and accessible graphic design platform that revolutionized the industry.

By following the three-act structure, Melanie effectively communicated her vision and matched the power of her revolutionary idea. This storytelling formula has been utilized by successful leaders, such as Steve Jobs, and has proven to be highly effective in captivating audiences.

"The three-act structure ensures the power of your story will match the power of your idea," says Carmine Gallo, a communication coach and bestselling author. Gallo emphasizes the importance of storytelling in engaging audiences and effectively communicating ideas.

This formula was a game-changer for Melanie Perkins. It allowed her to connect with her audience and transform the graphic design industry. As entrepreneurs and leaders, we can learn from her success and use the power of storytelling to make an impact in our own endeavors.

About the author:

Carmine Gallo is a keynote speaker, communication coach, and author of several bestselling books, including "Talk Like TED" and "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs." He wrote this piece for Trends, drawing on his expertise in helping entrepreneurs and leaders effectively communicate their ideas through storytelling.

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