Professional Voicemail Greetings

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The Key Components of a Professional Voicemail Greeting and Effective Scripts to Use

Unsure how to leave a successful voicemail? Look no further – in this article, we will discuss the essential elements of a professional voicemail greeting and provide 25 effective script templates for various situations. Whether you're in sales, working in a professional setting, or just need a short and sweet voicemail, we have you covered.

How to Record a Voicemail Message

Before we dive into different types of voicemail messages, it's crucial to know how to record one. Follow these steps for a successful voicemail message:

  • Write your message - Keep a professional tone and personalize one of the 25 scripts we provide.
  • Find a quiet space - Record your voicemail in a quiet area with minimal background noise.
  • Open your phone app - Use your standard voicemail settings or a phone app like the Google Voice App.
  • Record your message - Practice using the voice memo app to sound natural and friendly.

What Makes a Good Voicemail Greeting?

A good voicemail greeting should be short, professional, and let the caller know you will get back to them. It should also include a call-to-action and can reflect your personality if appropriate for your industry. However, if you work in a more conservative field, it's best to keep humor and personal touches to a minimum.

What to Say in a Voicemail Greeting

Here's what your professional voicemail greeting should include:

  • A greeting
  • Your name and company
  • An explanation for missing the call (e.g. away from the phone or on holiday)
  • An estimate of when you will return the call
  • An alternative contact person (if out of office)
  • An alternative mode of communication (such as email or text)
  • A call-to-action (e.g. "Leave a message" or "Send me an email")

Now that we have the basic structure of a voicemail greeting, let's look at some sample scripts that you can use for different situations.

25 Voicemail Script Templates

Download our templates for voicemail scripts in various scenarios, including referrals, greetings, and cold outreach.

Example of a Professional Voicemail Greeting

Here's an example of a professional voicemail greeting:

"Hello, you've reached [name] at [company]. I am currently unavailable to answer the phone. Please leave your name and number, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you."

Work Voicemail Greetings

Here are some voicemail scripts specifically for your work phone:

  • Sales Results Voicemail Example

"Hi, you've reached [name] at [company]. I specialize in helping [type of company] achieve [X results, e.g. 'double their leads in 60 days,' 'hire the best and brightest engineers,' 'convert 40% more customers.'] Please leave your name and number, and we can discuss how your company can see similar results."

This script allows you to continue the sales process through your voicemail by highlighting your value proposition and offering a call-to-action for interested callers.

  • Short Voicemail Greeting

"Hi, this is [name]. I am currently unavailable to answer the phone. Please leave your name, number, and a brief message, and I will get back to you. Thank you."

A simple and straightforward voicemail greeting for those in a rush.

  • Business Voicemail Greeting

"Hello, you've reached [company name]. We are unable to take your call at the moment. Please leave your name, contact information, and reason for calling, and one of our team members will respond within 24 hours."

This script is suitable for businesses looking to maintain professionalism and ensure callers know their message will be attended to within a specific timeframe.

  • Funny Voicemail Greeting

"This is Bond. James Bond."

A lighthearted and humorous voicemail greeting to brighten up a caller's day.

The Art of Leaving a Great Voicemail Message: Pro Tips and Customizable Scripts

Whether it's for business or personal purposes, voicemail can sometimes be the only means of communication. It's important to make a good impression and convey your message effectively. Use these expert tips and customizable scripts to improve your voicemail game and ensure successful communication with your callers.

1. Keep It Short and Sweet

When it comes to voicemails, less is more. Keep your message concise and informative, referencing your overall offering so that it appeals to a wider audience. This will ensure that your message is valuable to the majority of your prospects.

2. Customize Your Voicemail with These Professional Scripts

Looking for the perfect voicemail script to make a great first impression? Take a look at these examples and choose the one that works best for you and your audience.

3. The Email Option Voicemail

"Hi, this is [name] from [company]. For a quick response, feel free to email me at [insert email address]. I will get back to you by the end of tomorrow. For non-urgent matters, kindly leave a message with your name and number. Have a great day."

If you prefer to be contacted through email, make it clear in your voicemail message. This script highlights the benefits of email, implying that it is a faster way to get in touch. Keep your call to action simple and direct for maximum effectiveness.

4. The Alternative Contact Voicemail

"Hi, I'm [your name] from [company]. If you have a specific inquiry, please contact [specific person or department] or visit our website/send me an email. For all other matters, leave a brief message with your name and I'll get back to you within [one, two, three] business days."

Constantly receiving calls for a common reason that you are not responsible for can be a waste of time. Use this voicemail script to provide alternative contact methods for the caller, making it easier for them to get the information they need. Emphasize that these methods are faster and more efficient for the caller.

5. The Parental Leave Voicemail

"Hello, you've reached [your name and title]. I am currently on parental leave until [date]. For immediate assistance, please contact [alternate person] at [phone number] or email [insert email address]. I will return in [month]."

Welcoming a new family member? Congratulations! If you're on parental leave, use this voicemail script to direct callers to another point of contact. Personalize the message to reflect your personality and avoid apologizing for missed calls. Everyone understands the importance of family time.

6. The Resignation Voicemail

"Hello, this is [former employee's name]. I have moved on to new adventures and am no longer with [company]. For any future requests, please contact [new or interim person] at [phone number]. Thank you!"

Leaving your current job? Use this voicemail script to direct callers to the best contact at your now-former company. Keep it friendly and positive by mentioning your excitement for new opportunities.

7. The Short Voicemail with Specific Reason

"Hello, this is [your name] from [company]. Thank you for calling. Please leave your name, number, and reason for your call, and I will get back to you as soon as possible."

This voicemail script encourages callers to specify the reason for their call, helping you determine whether or not to reach back out to them. Personalize the message by removing "from [company]." Present your alternative contact information as a convenience for the caller.

The Importance of a Professional Voicemail Message

Keep your voicemail brief to show that you value your caller's time. Don't be afraid to be concise in your message.

Tips for Creating an Effective Voicemail Message

Make it easy for your caller to reach out by providing multiple contact options for your colleague. This adds extra value and convenience for the caller.

Adding a Personal Touch: Creative Voicemail Greetings for All Occasions

Don't let your voicemail be boring and monotonous. Show your unique personality and make your voicemail greeting stand out with personalized touches and a touch of humor. With these different types of voicemail greetings, you can effectively communicate with your callers and leave a lasting impression.

Here are some professional voicemail scripts that you can customize to your liking and make a real impact on your audience.

Interactive Voicemail Greetings: Engage Your Callers

Invite your callers to be part of your voicemail message by adding an interactive element. Ask them to leave a fun fact or answer a question, such as their favorite holiday dish or Thanksgiving tradition. This not only makes your voicemail more interesting, but also opens up opportunities for further conversation and connection.

Efficient Voicemail Scripts for Work and Business

When it comes to voicemail messages for work, less is more. Keep your message brief and to the point, while also maintaining a friendly and courteous tone. This will convey your professionalism and value for your caller's time. A well-crafted voicemail greeting can also provide comfort and assurance to your callers that their message will be attended to.

For example, a simple yet effective voicemail for work could be: "Hi, you've reached [name] at [company]. I am currently away from my desk but will return your call as soon as possible. In the meantime, please leave your name, number, and a brief message. Thank you for reaching out and have a great day!"

Managing Calls While Away: Vacation and Parental Leave

  • Classic Vacation Voicemail Greeting - "Thank you for calling [company]. Please note that we will be closed for [holiday] from [date] to [date]. Leave your message, and we will get back to you promptly. Have a happy holiday season!"
  • Adventurous Vacation Voicemail Message - "Hello, and thank you for calling [company]. As I embark on a new adventure, I will be away from the office. If you leave your name, number, and a brief message, I will get back to you upon my return. Thank you for your understanding, and have a wonderful day!"
  • Short Vacation Voicemail Script - "Hi, you've reached [name] at [company]. I am currently on vacation and will not be checking voicemail. If this is an urgent matter, please contact [emergency contact name] at [emergency contact number]. Otherwise, I will get back to you when I return. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a great day!"
  • Emergency Contact Voicemail Message - "Hello, you've reached [name] at [company]. I am away from the office due to a family emergency. If this is a work-related matter, please contact my colleague [colleague's name] at [colleague's number]. Otherwise, leave your name, number, and a brief message, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your understanding, and take care."

Maximizing Productivity: Tips for Managing Your Voicemail Effectively

In addition to using creative voicemail greetings, implementing effective voicemail management techniques can also help increase your productivity. Here are some useful tips:

  • Keep your voicemail greeting concise and informative.
  • Customize your voicemail for specific occasions, such as holidays or vacations.
  • Include an alternative form of contact for convenience, such as an email or text message.

How to Create an Impressive Voicemail that Leaves a Lasting Impression

Your voicemail is often the first point of contact for potential clients. Make sure to create a professional and engaging voicemail that can represent your brand and improve communication with your callers. Here are some tips to help you record your own business voicemail and make it stand out from the rest.

Tips for Recording a Professional Voicemail Greeting

When recording a voicemail greeting, consider the following tips:

  • Address potential time zone differences if you travel frequently.
  • Mention your unavailability without being too specific.
  • Make your clients feel supported and accessible.
  • Include alternative forms of communication.

Here's an example of a professional voicemail greeting incorporating these elements:

"Hello, you've reached [name] at [company]. I am currently away from my phone, but please leave a message with your name, number, and reason for calling. If you are in a different time zone, please let me know as I am [X] hours ahead of our company's time zone. I may respond via email, voice note, or Loom, based on your preference. Thank you for reaching out, and have a wonderful day!"

Personalize your voicemail greeting to reflect your personality and needs. By following these tips and examples, you can enhance your voicemail communication and create a positive impression on your callers.

Tips and Scripts for Using Voicemail to Close Deals and Engage Prospects

The tone of your voicemail can have a significant impact on your relationship with potential clients, even if they don't answer the call. Small gestures like having a professional voicemail can help nurture your relationship with prospects. To help you improve your voicemail game, here are some expert tips and scripts to guide you.

Techniques for a Successful Voicemail

SalesScripter's CEO highlights 8 key voicemail techniques that have proven to lead to closed deals. These include personalization, emphasizing benefits, and creating a sense of urgency.

Expert Voicemail Scripts

Top sales professionals have shared their successful voicemail scripts that have helped them close deals. These 10 scripts can be adapted to your specific needs and can cover various situations.

Tips for Leaving an Effective Voicemail

Leaving an effective voicemail requires strategy and skill. With 19 useful tips, you can learn how to craft a compelling voicemail that grabs the attention of your prospects and encourages them to respond.

Create Engaging Voicemails that Get Results

To achieve a high response rate, focus on creating voicemails that your recipients actually want to respond to. Learn how to keep your voicemails concise, relevant, and compelling in this informative article.

Strategies for Ending the Conversation

When ending a voicemail, it's important to keep the conversation open and leave room for further communication. Discover 7 effective ways to close your voicemail and create anticipation for your next contact.

Learning from Negative Experiences

Even negative experiences can provide valuable lessons. Find out how one sales rep uses bad cold calls to train new team members on the art of leaving perfect voicemails.

The Most Memorable Voicemail I Ever Received

Sometimes, simplicity is key. In this surprising anecdote, a simple and heartfelt voicemail stood out and made a lasting impression on the recipient.

Equip Your Team with Winning Scripts

Empower your sales team with proven voicemail scripts for any situation. Utilize these expert scripts and witness the positive impact it has on your sales efforts.

By following these tips and using effective voicemail scripts, you can improve your voicemail approach and increase your chances of closing deals successfully. Happy calling!

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