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Chegg vs. Quizlet: What every student should know

Discover the similarities and differences between Chegg and Quizlet to make the right choice and sign up for the best website or app for your educational needs.
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Chegg vs. Quizlet: What Every Student Should Know

More students are turning to online learning tools over traditional textbooks and classroom exercises, whether it’s a direct result of the pandemic or students simply desiring learning independence.

Two such resources are Chegg and Quizlet, both of which can supplement classroom activities, help students of all ages improve their studies, gain academic guidance, and learn what they need to achieve their career aspirations.

Knowing the similarities and differences between the two is key to making the right choice and signing up for the best website or app.

How Chegg Works

Chegg, a technology company based in Santa Clara, California, provides book rentals in both digital and physical formats and is designed for high school and college students. It gives users access to textbooks and other educational resources as well as homework assistance, online tutoring, internship matching, advice on college admissions, and scholarship searches.

Chegg’s features include the Chegg Math Solver for math problems and Chegg Writing with a grammar checker and plagiarism avoidance.

How Quizlet Works

Quizlet is an educational platform offering study materials such as flashcards, interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests covering a broad range of topics. It adopts an active learning approach, making it possible for teachers to create their own study sets or use the more than 300 million already available.

In addition, publishers and educational institutions also contribute to Quizlet’s digital quiz database.

Chegg vs. Quizlet—How Do They Compare?

The key to choosing the right educational platform is understanding one's own needs and the platform's offerings. Chegg focuses on textbook solutions, homework help, textbook rentals, and online tutoring, with features such as the Chegg Math Solver and Chegg Writing.

Quizlet, meanwhile, emphasizes flashcards, pop quizzes, and other active learning activities, with tests and textbook solutions also available, as well as a "smart grading" feature. Both platforms cover a wide range of topics, although Chegg offers more study tools, answers, and resources.

Quizlet is arguably better for independent or collaborative study, while Chegg is more of a coursework platform requiring the use of tutors.

The big difference between the two educational websites is that Quizlet allows students to work on their testing abilities, whereas Chegg provides only review material. With Quizlet, students can practice with a wide range of tests and quizzes and use a smart grading feature to shoot for higher scores.

Both platforms cover many subjects, from generic to niche topics. However, Chegg favors study tools, answers, and similar resources. Quizlet has a more practical approach and helps students test themselves to ensure they haven’t wasted time going through the study guides and other educational resources.

Chegg Pros and Cons


  • Buy and rent textbooks
  • 24/7 tutoring
  • Scan and upload problems to get answers
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Access to feedback, comments, and citations
  • Expert textbook solutions


  • More expensive
  • Limited Chegg study packs
  • Fairly boring interface

Quizlet Pros and Cons


  • Multiple learning modes
  • Interactive lessons
  • Easy to use
  • Millions of study sets
  • Great for preparing for tests
  • Affordable


  • Fewer active reviews and users
  • Content is of variable quality as user-generated
  • Flashcards don't aid understanding just memorization

Improve Your Learning Skills Further with Shiken

Both Quizlet and Chegg have been around for a while and both rely on high quality content.

Shiken has all of the features of both Quizlet and Chegg but also includes mindfulness and powerful AI tools that help to take your learning to the next level.

Try Shiken for free to see how it can optimize your studies in real-time.


Which is more accurate, Chegg or Quizlet?

In light of user reviews, Chegg appears to be more precise and reliable as an educational technology company, however Quizlet offers an interactive learning atmosphere that many young students may prefer. It also has a considerable number of practice tests.

Is Quizlet Plus worth it for students?

Quizlet Plus is affordable and beneficial for student accounts. It grants access to individualized study paths, removes advertisements from the platform, enables diagrams, and unlocks many other interactive and valuable features.

Do professors know if you use Chegg?

Although Chegg users access popular textbooks, instructors won't know if their students use the platform. The company canceled its policy of sharing user information with colleges to safeguard student privacy.

What is the best alternative to Chegg?

Suitable alternatives to Chegg include Quizlet, Course Hero, Coursera, and 24HourAnswers. All sites offer some blend of study materials, practice tests, and online tutoring or homework help.

What is the best way to study for SAT?

The ideal way to practice for SAT is to study and take many practice tests. Students need to become acquainted with distinct test sections, exam questions, and accepted answers.

Can you get in trouble using Chegg?

In theory, using Chegg's Study is a type of academic dishonesty. The platform helps students develop their homework solutions by providing access to textbooks to get better grades. But this may contravene the honor code, as copying some textbook answers can lead to plagiarism if not addressed cautiously. Nevertheless, it's still possible to maintain academic integrity and use Chegg to learn if the primary focus isn't to copy answers or essays.

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