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The Best Alternative to Seneca Learning - Shiken vs Seneca Learning

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The Best Alternative to Seneca Learning

Seneca is an innovative application and website that offers students a free way to learn and study. It is especially popular in the UK, but is also used internationally, and many students have found success using it to enhance their learning experience.

As digital learning continues to rise in popularity, more and more people are looking at Seneca Learning as an alternative to traditional methods of studying for GCSE and , as it provides a digital exam revision platform unlike traditional revision guides.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at the features and advantages of using Seneca, a premium study platform creating a tailored learning environment, as well as comparing it with Shiken.ai, a newer student and platform that has recently been gaining traction amongst students and educators alike. We’ll also be going over the drawbacks of using Seneca and how to get started with the app. Ultimately, this guide will help you decide if the Seneca is right for you.

Studying with Seneca vs Shiken.ai

Seneca Learning has become one of the most popular apps for school students looking to hone their study skills and learn more effectively for a level and GCSE in the UK. It offers great features and a variety of options to suit the needs of all types of learners, while being easy to access and use. But there are other study apps that can provide students with more comprehensive learning experiences, such as Shiken.ai, which uses smart learning algorithms for student results.

Shiken.ai is an app that offers a range of features beyond those of Seneca Learning, such as Mindfulness and AI. Mindfulness features allow users to practice mindfulness activities which help them to be more focused on their tasks at hand. AI provides students with personalized recommendations set homework and assists them with studying by providing questions tailored to their level.

Overview of the Seneca

Seneca is a studying platform specifically created for students in the UK. Its main features are practice sets and revision cards to help students with their studies, but it also has a wide range of additional learning tools including flashcards, quizzes, exams, and more. With the app, students can track their progress and improve their understanding of topics, as well as create customised practice sets for specific topics. It also offers resources and advice from teachers and mentors to help struggling students. With this app, teachers can easily create classes, assign homework and monitor students' progress, providing a level of interactivity that can transform the learning experience.

The app’s core focus is on using technology to help students study and prepare to become independent learners. It allows them to create their own practice sets, which they can then share with other students, and helps them identify their weak spots to focus on improving those areas. Additionally, it offers tools to help students stay motivated throughout their studying process. A key feature of the app is its progress tracking function, which helps students understand their attainment levels and improve. For teachers Seneca allows you to create classes and set homework or a revision topic and then it provides traditional revision guides in a different format.

Studying with the Seneca may not be the best solution for everyone. There are a few key disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration before using the app.

One major issue is that the Seneca is mainly UK-focused and so will not provide the same user experience for students outside of the United Kingdom. As such, this app may not be suitable for students wanting to study various subjects in different countries or systems. The app offers KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level courses based on exam board specifications, but may not be versatile enough for students outside of the UK.

Another disadvantage is that Seneca Learning does not offer certain features that other educational learning apps have. For example, there are no live quizzes or deeper learner management tools. This can make it more difficult for students to track their progress and really understand how they are doing. Additionally, the app does not provide features like mindfulness which have been proven to be beneficial for learning.

Overall, it is important to consider these points before deciding to use the Seneca Learning App.

Disadvantages of using Seneca

Seneca is a great tool for students in their studies and was one of the fastest growing homework tools during the pandemic, but it does come with some drawbacks. For starters, it is UK-focused. This can be problematic for international students who need to study in different countries. Additionally, the app lacks live quizzes and deeper learner management tools. This means that the app is not as engaging or comprehensive compared to other online learning platforms.

The premium content covers KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level at school level for science, maths, English and other courses but doesn't offer much more that is available for free. Spaced repetition and best gifs provide any teacher with quite a bit of free test material that can be accessed in the funnest way but not necessarily the most effective way. There is also minimal use of data across GCSE and A level courses with the teacher relying on correct or incorrect answer data for GCSE science and maths rather than any proven

The app also lacks the helpful features that other online learning platforms offer like mindfulness and AI. These features help students stay focused on their studies and make it easier to access resources when needed.

Getting started with the App is easy. As soon as you create an account with Seneca Learning, you’re ready to start reviewing and studying different topics. Once logged in, you can browse through the content using the topic list that can be found at the top of the page. You then just have to select the specific item you want to review or study and start learning.

Shiken AI vs Seneca Learning: The Best Online Learning Platforms

Seneca Learning focuses on being school and teacher-focused while the Shiken platform is versatile enough to be used by professionals as well as students. Shiken offers a range of features that Seneca does not, such as offering live games and challenges, the ability for learners to create their own content, and it has mindfulness incorporated into it. Moreover, with Shiken, teachers can create video courses, offer questions and sell their learning content online.

Shiken features KS2, KS3, GCSE, A Level courses and questions but lots more including exams, notes, video lessons and an AI-assistant.

Shiken also has advanced features such as AI question generation and an AI tutor to support the learners. While Seneca Learning does have some helpful features, they are clearly lacking when compared with Shiken's features.

Shiken's Live Games And AI Tutor

Shiken AI Chat

One of the biggest benefits of Shiken over Seneca is the customizable live games, challenges and solo revision modes. Shiken's revision makes it easy for any student to customize their revision around subjects and their exam board. Shiken's spaced repetition system is built into the question system and when a learner gets a question wrong this is then re-introduced at the end of a play session to aid learning.

Shiken's AI tutor enables teachers to create the perfect lesson plan and saves time. For pupils Shiken's AI system can help explain GCSE and A-level topics and provide hand selected explanations relevant to the curriculum of any subject from history to maths to science and more to help any student remember topics.


Shiken mindfulness screenshot

Mindfulness is at the heart of the Shiken experience. As well as encouraging breaks and providing motivational boosts, this platform also works to reduce procrastination and plays soothing music which can aid the learning process. This music can be played in the background of any study session, even when the student is not working on Shiken. Kahoot does not seem to have this same focus on mindfulness.

Question Library

With over 75,000 questions in the Shiken question library, users have a wide database from which to dive into engaging quiz based games. Shiken has a wide range of study modes and like you can create kahoots you can create your own study sets and question in Shiken which is perfect for lifelong learners.

Ability to Set Goals

Shiken set goals screenshot

Goal setting is a key part of motivation and achieving success, which is why it is included within the Shiken platform. Learners and teachers can set weekly learning goals or deadlines for upcoming exams.

There is no goal-setting feature in Kahoot and no way to track progress or to assess learning outcomes.

Ability to Take Notes

Shiken take notes screenshot

Want to talk through a question with your students? Or want to research a question further? You can write notes directly onto the questions in the Shiken app, so you can refer to them again and again. It negates the need to write heavy notes outside of the app and ensures clarity when you look at it with your students.

In Kahoot,you can’t write directly on the question.


Did you know, the word ‘Shiken’ means ‘exam’ in Japanese? So, of course, the app had to include an exam function. Set the questions that you want to answer and then maintain exam conditions as they work through them. It is the very best way to ensure comprehension and practice for life-changing exams.

Kahoot has lots of tests and encourages its use as preparation for exams, but it doesn’t have the same exam-style feature.

Progress Dashboard

Shiken progress dashboard screenshot

Shiken features enterprise-grade learner management, skills progression and works like a LMS/LXP. For schools can easily manage student progress and assign homework and corporate customers can create office superheroes and increase engagement in work context on a virtual meeting or in-person.

The Seneca dashboard is less comprehensive with only game reports generated.

Helpful Revision Resources To Help You Prepare

Each Shiken release brings improvements to the AI tools and content across subjects like science, maths, history and other school and GCSE and a level topics. The Shiken website features lots of helpful free tools and the Shiken platform.

Video Courses

While Seneca focuses on text-based learning Shiken features video courses that learners can access from the Shiken store and which teachers can create themselves and even sell.


In conclusion, Seneca Learning is a great app for students who are looking to gain a better understanding of their subject. It can help them stay focused on their learning and make it easier to digest complex topics. While there are some drawbacks to using the app, such as being UK-focused and lacking live quizzes and deeper learner management tools, there are also advantages such as more personalised study paths and additional resources for new users. As well premium features such as this, Shiken.ai offers a more comprehensive learning experience, featuring AI question generation and an AI tutor to help students learn even faster. For students looking for a more complete educational experience, Shiken.ai is certainly worth considering.

We hope this guide helped you understand more about the Seneca Learning app, as well as the differences between the UK version and other versions. We encourage you to try it out and get started with your studies - you can find more information here at Shiken.ai.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Seneca Learning?

Seneca Learning is a UK-based app designed to help students learn more effectively. It offers a personalized learning program that helps users improve their knowledge and knowledge retention by focusing on consolidation, practice tests, and feedback.

What features does Seneca Learning offer?

Seneca Learning provides personalized learning via its app which includes adaptive learning paths, multimedia content, practice tests and feedback, and motivational tools.

Is Seneca free to use?

Seneca is free with limited features. The paid version of Seneca premium features additional learning resources, personalised feedback and access to tutors.

How can I get started with Seneca Learning?

To get started with Seneca Learning, you need to create an account and follow the instructions on the site. For additional resources and help, you can refer to the Seneca Learning Support page.

What is the difference between the UK version and other versions of Seneca Learning?

The key difference between the UK version and other versions of Seneca Learning is that the UK version reflects the UK education system and primarily focuses on classroom-based learning. The international version is tailored towards all educational systems, includes deeper learner management tools, and must be purchased with an annual subscription.

Are there any other alternatives to Seneca Learning?

Yes, other alternatives to Seneca Learning include the Shiken.ai platform which offers live games, mindfulness techniques, AI question generation, and an AI tutor to help users master the material.

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