Spinner Wheel

This Spinner Wheel, the raffle generator or picker wheel, is the most colourful way to get a random output from a bunch of options.

Simply add your entries and press the big button in the middle to spin the wheel.

Spinner Wheel

Spinner Wheel

1. Add your entries
2. Click the button
3. Spin the wheel
4. See who wins!

Spin the wheel to win, good luck!


How To Use The Spinner Wheel

Add Your Entries

You can add your own entries to the wheel above by typing them into the 'entry box' on the top of the wheel.

Review Your List

When you're finished inputting all your entries, check them out in the list below the entry box.

Spin The Wheel!

Simply click the button in the centre of the wheel to spin it, then wait for it to land on one of your entries.

Clear Entries

You can start fresh anytime you like by clearing the existing entries.
Frequently Asked Questions
How many entries can I add into this spinner wheel?
Can I write foreign characters or use emojis in this spinner wheel?

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