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    Create. Learn. Test. Sell.

    Personalised, intelligent learning

    Shiken blends A.I. technology and scientific research to analyse your performance, focus your revision and achieve exam success as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Create. Learn. Test. Sell.

    Learn faster and revise smarter

    Shiken has thousands of questions and comprehensive explanations written by the community and also features questions from teachers and experts to ensure your learning experience is the best it can be.

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    Create. Learn. Test. Sell.

    Create and sell question banks

    Build an engaging revision or quiz resource and control your branding, student data and pricing all from one place. Ideal for schools, universities, education businesses and entrepreneurs.

Online learning re-invented.
For teachers. For students. For you.


Your Intelligent Learning Environment

Jump in and access thousands of questions covering hundreds of topics. Become an examiner and create your own materials to share and sell.


Learn Smarter and Faster With A.I.

Scientific research on learning and memory acquisition blends seamlessly with artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis to track and target your learning needs.


Make Your Learning Fun Like It Should Be

The Shiken interface is fast and simple and works across all devices meaning you can jump in and start learning quickly and easily.

Learn Your Way

Intelligent Learning Tools

Shiken enables you to browse and store over 10,000 free and paid question sets and mock exams relevant to your subject of study. The platform tracks and assesses your progress and intelligently focuses your learning around key areas for improvement.

Share and Sell Questions

Become an Examiner

Help other to learn by adding your own questions and learning materials to the Shiken platform. Track your sales and user progress and maintain your own microsite and profile to promote your resources.

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