Tricuspid Stenosis

Tricuspid Stenosis

Pathology:                    Narrowing of tricuspid valvereducing outflow into right ventricle


Aetiology:                     Rheumatic fever, CHD,Carcinoid, Obstructing pacemaker lead


Symptoms:                  Legswelling, Fatigue


Signs:                              RaisedJVP, Prominent ‘a’ waves, Mid diastolic murmur loudest in inspiration at thelower sternal edge, hepatomegaly and ascites.


Investigations:          ECG: P Pulmonale (Right atrial enlargement)or P Mitrale if co-existent mitral


                            Chest X-Ray: Enlarged right atrium

Echo: Assesses for valvular and leafletabnormalities


Treatment:                  Medical: Salt restriction

Diuretics for peripheral oedema

Surgical: Balloon Dilatation, valve is rarelyreplaced

Complications:          Surgical complications, bacterialendocarditis, prosthetic valve failure


Prognosis:                  Related to underlying surgery

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