Renal Replacement Therapy

Renal Replacement Therapy


Mechanism:                 Bloodinterfaces with dialysis fluid across a semi-permeable membrane.            Small solutes diffuse easily bydiffusion, larger solutes less easily.                                    May be continuous orintermittent

Complications:          Cerebral oedema, headaches,hypotension, immune reactions, hypoxia, line sepsis, fistula thrombosis,stenosis, aneurysm.


Mechanism:                 Blood isfiltered continuously across a permeable membrane with waste removed byconvection and fluid removed replaced with a buffered solution. Good atremoving larger solutes.                                                                                                     More costly and takes longerthan haemodialysis but more haemodynamically stable so good for critically illpatients

Complications:          As for haemodialysisbut more haemodynamically stable


Peritoneal Dialysis

Mechanism:                 Dialysis fluidis introduced into the abdominal cavity via a Tenckhoff catheter and filteredacross the peritoneal membrane.                                                                                     Allows for continuous ambulatoryperitoneal dialysis or automated peritoneal dialysis requiring minimalequipment and is more convenient for patients.

Complications:         Peritonitis, catheter-siteinfection, incisional hernias, catheter blockage, membrane dysfunction

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