Pulmonary Stenosis

Pulmonary Stenosis

Pathology:                    Narrowing of pulmonary valvecausing a decreased outflow and increased back

pressure in the right ventricle


Aetiology:                     Carcinoid, rheumatic fever, congenital(Noonan Syndrome)


Symptoms:                  Dyspnoea


Signs:                              Rightventricular heave, raised JVP, prominent ‘a’ waves, Split second heart sound


Investigations:          ECG: Right axis deviation and Rightventricular hypertrophy

                            Chest X-Ray: Post stenotic pulmonaryartery dilatation

Echo: Assesses for structural abnormalities


Treatment:                  Medical: Salt restriction and diuretics

Surgical: Valvereplacement, Balloon valvuloplasty

Complications:          Heart failure, arrhythmias, andinfective endocarditis


Prognosis:                  Surgery improves outcome, howeverpatients can experience pulmonary

regurgitationfollowing valve surgery

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