Practice Questions Renal

Practice Questions Renal

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1.  You are reviewing a 33-year-old man who has recently been diagnosed with adult polycystic kidney disease in the renal clinic. You proceed to examine his cardiovascular system. Which other feature are you most likely to find on examination?

a) Aortic stenosis

b) Mitral valve prolapse

c)  Infective endocarditis

d) Dilated cardiomyopathy


2.      Which of these diuretics has a side effect of hyperkalaemia?

a)     Mannitol

b)     Amiloride

c)      Furosemide

d)     Bendroflumethiazide


3.      Which of these is not a typical sign/symptom of a UTI?

a)     Urinary frequency

b)     Suprapubic tenderness

c)      Headache

d)     Dysuria


4. The following acts on the distal convoluted tubule inhibiting the Na+/Cl- Symporter

a)     Thiazide diuretics

b)     Loop diuretics

c)      Aldosterone antagonists

d)     Potassium sparing diuretics


5.      Proteinuria, hypoalbuminaemia and oedema are characteristic of

a)     IgA Nephropathy

b)     Goodpasture’s syndrome

c)      Nephrotic syndrome

d)     Interstitial nephritis


6.      The triad of AKI, thrombocytopenia and red cell haemolysis is seen in

a)     Haemolytic uraemic syndrome

b)     Renal artery stenosis

c)      Goodpasture’s syndrome

d)     ANCA associated glomerulonephritis


7.      Anti-GBM antibodies are detected in which of the following conditions?

a)     ANCA associated glomerulonephritis

b)     Goodpasture’s syndrome

c)      IgA nephropathy

d)     Haemolytic uraemic syndrome


8.      Which of the following is not an indication for acute dialysis?

a.       Severe metabolic alkalosis (pH >7.5)

b.      Refractory pulmonary oedema

c.       Persistent hyperkalaemia

d.      Uraemic encephalopathy


Extended Matching Questions


Renal Conditions (1)


  1. Urinary Tract Infection
  2. Haemofiltration
  3. Thiazide Diuretics
  4. Pyelonephritis
  5. Goodpasture’s syndrome
  6. Peritoneal Dialysis
  7. Haemolytic uraemic syndrome
  8. Aldosterone Antagonists



  1. A 40 year old lady presents to her GP with a 3 day history of frequency, urgency and tenderness in her abdomen; on examination the GP notes suprapubic tenderness. A urine dipstick is positive for leucocytes, nitrites and blood.


  1. A 30 year old male who has been complaining of severe bloody diarrhoea. His FBC reveals low platelets


  1. A 20 year old gentleman with a blood pressure of 170/110 attends renal outpatient clinic; he also notes a history of haemoptysis. His blood results are negative for ANCA but positive for Anti GBM antibodies.


  1. A 55 year old lady attends renal outpatients for replacement of her Tenckhoff catheter, which procedure is this type of catheter used for?



Renal Conditions (2)


  1. Chronic Renal Failure
  2. Acute Kidney Injury
  3. ANCA associated glomerulonephritis
  4. Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease
  5. Pyelonephritis
  6. Interstitial Nephritis
  7. IgA Nephropathy
  8. Renal artery stenosis



  1. An elderly lady comes into MAU following 3 days of diarrhoea and vomiting. On examination she looks dehydrated. Her U&E’s reveal Urea 12.5 and Creatinine 180 (baseline Urea 5.0 and Creatinine 90)


  1. A 40 year old man presents to A&E with a sudden collapse and is currently GCS 3. On examination he has bilateral palpable masses in both his loins


  1. A 60 year old male smoker is admitted with ‘flash’ pulmonary oedema, an audible renal bruit is heard on auscultation


  1. A 40 year old woman presents with haemoptysis, epistaxis, a non-blanching purpuric rash and a rapidly rising creatinine. Bloods reveal high ANCA titre and renal biopsy reveals a crescentic glomerulonephritis









Answers To Practice Questions




1 B

2. D

3. C

4. A

5. C

6. A

7. B

8 A

1.      A

2.      G

3.      E

4.      F

5.      B

6.      D

7.      H

8.      C


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