Industrial Lung Disease

Industrial Lung Disease

Pathology:                   Lung fibrosissecondary to inflammation caused by inhaled particles


Aetiology:                     Coal workers pneumoconiosis: coal dustparticles

Silicosis: silica particles, found in many industriesincluding metal mining, quarrying and ceramics manufacturing

Asbestosis: asbestosis fibres, previously used as a commonmaterial for fireproofing and insulation


Symptoms:                  Maybe asymptomatic, progressive dyspnoea


Signs:                              Fingerclubbing, end inspiratory crackles.


Investigations:          Spirometry: Restrictive defect.

Chest X-Ray: Interstitial changes, pleural plaques withasbestos exposure


Treatment:                  Avoidcausative particles, otherwise supportive treatment.


Complications:          Patientsexposed to asbestos are at a much greater risk of developing bronchial carcinomaand malignant mesothelioma.

Patientswith silicosis are at increased risk of developing tuberculosis


Prognosis:                    Dependson degree of fibrosis

Patientswith industrial lung disease are often eligible to claim compensation throughthe Industrial Injuries Act

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