Pathology:                    Reduction in some or all ofthe pituitary hormones.


Aetiology:                     Congenital

Malignancy: Non-functioningadenoma

Vascular: Haemorrhageor infarction

Infection: TB andSyphilis



Traumatic braininjury


Symptoms:                   See specific hormonedeficiencies e.g. hypothyroidism, hypogonadism


Signs:                              See specifichormone deficiencies e.g. hypothyroidism, hypogonadism


Investigations:          Bloods:Pituitary profile.

                                        Imaging: MRI pituitary

                                        Special Tests: Humphrey’s fieldtest, short synacthen test, insulin tolerance test


Treatment:                  Medical: Replacement of secondary hormones (e.g. thyroid, adrenalor gonadal).

Growth hormonereplacement until full growth potential

Surgical: Trans-sphenoidalsurgery


Complications:          Poor quality of life, sub-fertility,increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, osteoporosis


Prognosis:                    Normal life expectancyfollowing adequate treatment

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