Disease of Heart Muscle Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Disease of Heart Muscle Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Pathology:                  Dilated and weakened heart muscle


Aetiology:                     Excessive alcohol use, hypertension,viral infection, autoimmune disease


Symptoms:                   Dyspnoea, Right VentricularFailure, fatigue, AF, VT, ascites


Signs:                               Tachycardia,tachypnoea, peripheral cyanosis, basal crepitations, hepatomegaly

raised JVP, hypotension,S3 gallop and pleural effusion


Investigations:          Bloods:U&E, LFT, TFT, Iron studies, Autoimmune studies, Infection screen

Chest X-Ray: Cardiomegaly,pulmonary oedema

ECG: Assess for potential cause, may showtachycardia

Echo: global dilatation with hypokinesis


Treatment:                  Treatheart failure, CRT, anticoagulation, cardiac transplantation


Complications:          Tachyarrhythmia causing sudden cardiacdeath, LV thrombus or valve



Prognosis:                  50% mortality over 2 years.

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