Atrial Myxoma

Atrial Myxoma

Pathology:                    Rare,benign cardiac polypoid tumour usually occurs in left atrium adjacent to atrialseptum


Aetiology:                    F>M,familial or sporadic


Symptoms:                  Fever, dyspnoea,weight loss, arthralgia, syncope, can mimic mitral valve disease


Signs:                               ‘Tumourplop’ 3rd heart sound, clubbing, loud 1st heart sound


Investigations:          Bloods: FBC – anaemia or polycythaemia,raised ESR

                                          Echo: visualises tumour


Treatment:                  Surgicalexcision


Complications:          Peripheralor pulmonary emboli, arrhythmias, heart failure


Prognosis:                   1-5% recurrenceafter surgery.

Overall prognosisafter surgery is very good.

Irregularsurface is associated with increased risk of emboli

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