Sinus Tachycardia


Pathology:                    Tachycardia (rate >100)originating from sino-atrial node


Aetiology:                     Can be normal as a result ofincreased sympathetic drive e.g. exercise or anxiety

Pathological conditions includeinfection/sepsis, hyperthyroidism, PE and  



Symptoms:                   Usually asymptomatic, fast,regular palpitations


Signs:                              Regular fast pulse


Investigations:          Bloods:FBC, TFTs

24hourECG monitor: Detect arrhythmias

24hoururine collection: if phaeochromocytoma suspected


Treatment:                  Treatunderlying cause appropriately


Complications:          Complications are related to aetiology


Prognosis:                    Depends on aetiology, usuallygood




Macintosh HD:Users:Matt:Downloads:Previous ECG.png











Figure 1.3 Sinus Tachycardia

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