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Shiken Schools

Shiken schools enables teachers and schools to group students, assess their progress and identify their learning styles using the Shiken AI. Equip your classroom with AI-learning tools on mobile, desktop, Alexa and more

AI learning for your classroom.
For schools. For teachers. For you.

Engage and Analyse Your Students With AI


Intelligent Learning Tools For Teachers

Invite your students and mange them in groups. Restrict content only to certain groups and analyse their performance across the whole of Shiken. Understand learning styles, identify struggling students and engage with your class on mobile, desktop and voice bots like Alexa.

Features For Schools


Create Just For Your Students

Restrict learning materials to just your students

Design Your Profile Page

Let students know a product is from you

Create Your Questions and Materials

Design bespoke content for your students and decide who can access it

Engage Via AI and Voice Bots

Make your content available via voice-bot to engage students

Set Deadlines and Dates

Control when to push materials to students

School Dashboard

Track student progress and analyse learning style

Learn More Easily


Relax. Your students' learning? We've got that handled.
Shiken is your personalised learning tool to help you learn faster, more easily and retain information longer.


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