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Shiken Teams

Shiken Teams optimises corporate training, onboarding and continued learning and development for your workforce with AI.

AI learning for the modern workforce.
For business. For employees. For you.

Empower Your Workforce


Intelligent Learning Tools For Business

Equip your employees with the tools they need to be their best on mobile, desktop, Alexa and more. Drive employee engagement and development on a digital learning platform designed to motivate your employees to learn daily. From on-boarding new employees to compliance training and exam prep Shiken Teams has you covered.

Features For Business


Create Corporate Training Programmes

Author your own engaging content, courses, quizzes and training material with just a few clicks

Engage Your Workforce

Deliver training on mobile, web and via voice and chat-bots

Assessments and Certifications

Make compliance training fun and understand learning styles and insights about employees

Boost Development and Productivity

Prioritize learning and development so your employees will remain engaged and continually want to improve

Support Your Teams

Empower and support teams using mindfulness meditation and identify stress early

Track & Manage Training at Scale

Quickly assess progress using real-time analytics and AI-driven insights into employee learning

Learn More Easily


Relax. Your employee training? We've got that handled.
Shiken is your personalised learning tool to help you learn faster, more easily and retain information longer.


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